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Would You Know How To Fight Off A Kidnapper?

Do you know how to protect yourself? Would you know how to fend off a kidnapper?

Have You Seen This Crazy Video and Headline Today?

It’s all over the news and parents everywhere are running scared! (as they should be!)

Attempted Kidnapping In Broad Daylight In Front of a Parent!

Here are some reactions we seen, many from concerned parents.

“I can’t even!! How are we supposed to teach our children how to do things for themselves when we can’t even trust that they are safe standing RIGHT NEXT to us???”

“Really…what has this world come to when you can’t even go to the store without worrying about someone stealing your child!”

“The girl was 13 that’s not a small child (old enough to be a babysitter and home alone) and this was done in front of other people. This creeper is crazy.”

Would you know how to fend off a kidnapper?

Put Yourself In This Mom’s Shoes!

Would you know how to fight?

Would you know how to defend those you love?

Would you be brave enough to fight and keep fighting?


We at Strand Security want you to

  • feel safe
  • be safe
  • stay safe

After one of our own was attacked and held at gun point, she fought for her life!
Now, as a local Myrtle Beach resident, business owner and mom, she’s fighting for YOUR LIFE.

Heather is the brain behind our Self-Defense Workshops.
Amos is the muscle who teaches us in our Self-Defense Workshops.

If this video scared you as much as it did us, take ACTION. TODAY!

Come To Our Self-Defense Workshop This Month!

Here’s the deal. Much of what you learn doesn’t stick with you for an extended period of time BUT if you not only heard or read a tip, technique or fact, but actually practiced it, it will be something you are much more likely to remember and be able to use.

It has to become something that you are comfortable with and something that’s almost second nature.

A three hour class will give you plenty of opportunity to practice, practice and practice several important and potentially life-saving self-defense techniques!


On a side note: the last 20 minutes of class are usually dedicated to rape self-defense. A bit uncomfortable? Sure. Something we’d like to not talk about? Sure. If you think you have no power left once someone has you pinned under them, think again!

Amos showed us in the last class what to do and how to get out of such a hold…!
What an incredibly powerful thing to walk away with. 

Who Do You Love and Who Do You Want To Protect?

self defense class in Myrtle Beach

Is there anything you are waiting for?

This could be you, your daughter, your child, your son, your sister…

Know what to do and how to hurt them where it counts!

Sign up for the next self defense class in Myrtle Beach

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