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How To Test Your Security Alarm System

How To Test Your Security Alarm System

Testing your Security Alarm System; Why, How and When

Did you know that your security alarm system should be tested weekly? The reason why should be fairly obvious but let us explain; we want you to be safe and secure and you will only be as safe and secure as your system is. Therefore, testing your system often is a smart move. To make it easier we found our service manager and systems specialist in Myrtle Beach, Chad Bernard, willing to help create this video.

In this ‘How To’ video, Chad gives us step by step instruction on how to test your security alarm system at home or at your place of business. Please watch the full video to ensure success!

How To Test Your Security Alarm System

Hi, I am Chad from Strand Security (in Myrtle Beach, SC) today we’re going to teach you how to test your system.

It’s important to test your system so that you know that every component is working correctly and you can notify your security company to make any repairs.

First thing that you need to do it is call your central station at 1-800-633-2677 (COPS Monitoring). Give them your name and address and tell them you want to put your account on ‘test’ for two hours. They will ask you for your account password to validate that you are supposed to be on the account.

After doing that, you will go to your keypad and you need to arm your system. (Put in your own user code)

‘Arm’ and ‘Away’

After your system is arming, you’re going to wait for it to count down.

Then you will open all of the doors and windows and close them to make sure they trip the system and you will walk in front of all the motion detectors to make sure that they trip.

When you get done, turn the system off by entering your (user) code and pressing ‘off’.

Then you will need to call central stations, COPS Monitoring, at the 800 number and give them your account information again and they will be able to read off all of the zones and all of the devices that you tripped.

If there’s one missing, you can call Strand Security and we can get that repaired for you!


Thank you to Chad Bernard, service manager and systems specialist at Strand Security for making this informative video on testing your alarm system! 

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