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Technology at Home: How Central Vacuums Can Save you Time, Effort and Money!

On Saving time, Effort and Money!

Whether you work in an office, or work from home, if you have a career AND run a household you know a lot of time and effort goes into keeping your home in tip-top shape. Add kids, pets and visitors – and a beach lifestyle to boot and you’ve got a perfect storm of dirt, sand and dust to content with!

How can you save time, effort and money? Introducing the central vacuum.

central vacuum for your home

Central Vacuums Save the Day

There are many reasons to consider installing and using a central vacuum in your home. If you are currently building a home, or if you are doing construction in your home, it is THE PERFECT time to consider adding a central vacuum system.

Here are the reasons how and why central vacuums can save you time, effort and money.

chameleon central vacuum

Central Vacuums: Effortless!

Because central vacuum are mounted on a wall there’s no size or weight limit, unlike a portable vacuum cleaner has. Thus the vacuum motor can be, and is, much more powerful than a standard vacuum. With beach sand, pet hair and dust – this is a great plus! Less effort but stronger suction!

Portable vacuum are heavy to drag or push around in your home, making it harder to vacuum for those people who have limited strength and mobility. Central vacuums can be the answer for those who are elderly, or those who have limited range of motion or can not lift and drag heavy equipment!

The chameleon retractable hose system makes using a central vacuum the easiest way to pick up dirt, dust and pet hair!

Last but not least, central vacuums cut down on the noise! As the motor is installed in a basement or in a garage, these vacuums are much quieter! How nice for those with small (napping) children, elderly and scared pets!

7 Reasons Why Central Vacuums Rock!

People who have central vacuum cleaners absolutely love them.

Here are 7 reasons why central vacuums rock.

Central Vacuums are:

→ Easy to use and lightweight (you only have to hold the hose!)

→ Not bulky or awkward, great for people with limited mobility

→ a great long-term investment as they last!

→ super quiet

Central Vacuums have:

→ A large trash capacity, say goodbye to vacuum bags and small canisters

→ Easy to install and use filters

→ no cords to plug in

Vacuflo Retractable Hoses

We are affiliated with Chameleon Vacuflo Central Vacuum products for faster, more convenient cleaning and healthier living!

Retractable hoses add another improvement and a whole new dimension to an already easy-to-use vacuum system.

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