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Self-Defense class in Myrtle Beach

A Warning and an Offer to Help After an Armed Robbery – Strand In The News!

Strand Security in the News! A warning and and offer to help the Myrtle Beach Community

Strand Security In The News!

Just in case you missed it…

Strand Security made the local news (as in – we were on TV!) last Wednesday May 4, 2016 when Erin MacPherson of WPDE News 15 came out for an interview with Heather of Strand Security!

Here is the video that is posted to their website!

Heather’s Story of Surviving an Armed Robbery

Heather Bryant of Strand Security was held at gunpoint but fought back, fought free and survived.

Years later, after years of therapy as she tell it in the TV interview, she is still fighting, but this time it’s YOUR LIFE she is fighting for.

Self-Defense Knowledge Helped Save Her Life

Heather credits her survival to knowing a bit of martial arts and taking a self-defense class way back in high school. Lessons she’d learned a long time ago came back and helped her when she needed it most.

She now is on a mission to bring self-defense to anyone who wants to learn.

She’s teamed up with a local Myrtle Beach martial arts expert Amos Collins to bring self classes to the Grand Strand community!

The first class will take place on Saturday May 21, and sign up for the June class is already in motion as well.

Who are these self-defense classes for?

This self-defense class is for everyone, but check out 7 People In Your Life Who Need To Know Self-Defense if you THINK you don’t know anyone who could use this 3 hour self-defense seminar!

We’d love to see you along with your neighbor, friend, colleague, family, or teenager!

Sign up for the self-defense class right here!

Register for the self-defense class in Myrtle Beach by clicking here

Did we mention yet that this class is FREE for any residential or commercial customers of Strand Security?
Yes it is!

We want all of our customers to be safe and secure.



Learn Self-Defense in Myrtle Beach

Learn self-defense in Myrtle Beach and keep yourself and your loved ones safe!

Do You Know How To Protect Yourself?

If someone were to try to snatch your purse, what would you do?

If someone were to follow you to your car in a dark parking lot, what would you do?

If someone entered your car to carjack you, what would you do?

If someone grabbed you from behind, what would you do?

If someone were to point a gun at you, what would you do?


These are all scary scenarios, right?

Here’s the thing: You can not prevent all crime from happening, but you can prepare yourself in case an emergency situation arises. The best way to protect yourself is to educate yourself on what to do if you are attacked! There are definite do’s and don’ts and you need to know what moves can save your life!

Interested yet? We hope you are! 

We are excited to offer the following opportunity to our Myrtle Beach community.

Strand Security Gives Back to the Myrtle Beach Community!

We are all about safety, security and giving back to our community. Therefore, we have partnered up with a Martial Art Expert to bring you and the Myrtle Beach community a self-defense class!

This self-defense class is completely free to anyone who is a Strand Security residential or commercial customer; we care about our customers! If you are not a customer (yet), we’d still love to have your participate; we want everyone in our Myrtle Beach community to have access to this great training if they desire to learn and have a desire to be able to protect themselves. We ask for a contribution of $39/pp if you are not our customer.

We Teamed Up With a Martial Art Expert To Teach You Self-Defense!

Meet Amos, your instructor.

Amos, martial art expert, who will be your instructor in your self-defense class in Myrtle Beach!

My name is Amos Moses Collins. Health and Fitness is my passion. I am a martial arts enthusiast!
I have a purple belt in Brazilian Juijitsu??
I am a Mexican style  Boxing coach??
I have trained American Kickboxing?? for 15 years and instruct in kickboxing.
I have also been wrestling since I was a freshman in high school, and coaching wrestling off and on over the past 15 years. I have three professional boxing fights, 13 amateur cage fights and 9 professional cage fights.
I am a certified professional and personal trainer. I have been certified in speed and agility. I have been in the Health Promotions field over 16 years.  My goal and passion is to help people in every way teaching them health and fitness and selfdefense instruction! I am currently employed at the Fitness Zone in Little River, I also do some contracted training at True Personal Training at Lifequest.  I also do some free lance training with individuals all over the Myrtle Beach area!

I am truly interested in helping all of us be more safe in today’s society. Out of all the training I do my favorite is the TAEKWONDO?? training I do with kids. I teach at the Carolina Forest Recreation Center. My goals in life is to live a happy healthy violence free life! I have achieved this through martial arts training and will be a true martial artist for LIFE! I look forward to meeting all of you very soon!

You are in for a treat when you meet Amos during this self-defense class; you’ll be learning from the best!

Details of the Self-Defense Class on May 21, 2016 in Myrtle Beach

Learn how to defend yourself! Sign up for the Strand Security Self-Defense Class in Myrtle Beach on May 21, 2016

You may email us with questions, or sign up using this link!

Sign up for our self-defense class in Myrtle Beach!

Do Your Daughter, Sister, Mother and Friend Know How To Protect Themselves?

So grab a friend, mark your calendar, sign up and plan to come join us for this self-defense class!

Do you have a daughter of son who just got a driver’s license? Sign them up!
Do you have a teen going off to college? They need this class!
Do you worry about your relative living alone? Bring them!

Contact Strand Security today

Stay safe!
Chuck and Heather Bryant

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