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10 Reasons To Love the Grand Strand

The Grand Strand Myrtle Beach South Carolina


We at Strand Security are celebrating 10 years on the Grand Strand!

So many wonderful things have happened to our Strand families, our business and within our community! We can’t think of a better way to celebrate than to share our wonderful community with you.

We arrived in 2010 to start a new life in South Carolina; to kick off this year-long celebration, let’s count the ways we love the Grand Strand.

1) Love The Grand Strand for Its Beaches!

With over 60 miles of beaches, the Grand Strand spans from the Winyah Bay in the south to Little River in the north; it is an arc of beach land on the Atlantic Ocean in South Carolina, United States.

With over 60 miles of beaches, you will find a beach you love.

This area includes two State Parks; Huntington Beach State Park and Myrtle Beach State Park, as well as many smaller municipalities with beachfront access.

2) Love The Grand Strand for Its Golf Courses!

Did you know…

The Grand Strand is home to 90 (yes, ninety) golf courses?

That’s a huge number and a huge variety of places to play. There is a course for every golfer, whether you are a beginner or a life-longer player, or somewhere in between

While we are at it, we looked for the number of minigolf courses. While it was harder to find a number, it is at least 30 by this account.

Ready to tee up?!

3) Love The Grand Strand for Its Entertainment!

While the beach and golf are the two main attractions for tourists, there are many more ways to entertain the family when visiting, or living on the Grand Strand.

That includes

and so much more! Did we mention the golf courses?

4) Love The Grand Strand for Its Nightlife!

When the sun goes down the fun begins.

Fireworks can be seen on many evenings at Broadway at the Beach and/or Barefoot Landing, attracting thousands of visitors to come to eat and play.

Don’t forget to check out Family Kingdom as the fun just begins when the sun disappears! Ride the old wooden coaster ‘The Swamp Fox’ or try your luck playing carnival games.

5) Love The Grand Strand for Its Autism Friendliness!

Did you know…

Surfside Beach is the world’s first certified autism-friendly destination

While it was always known as ‘the family beach’, Surfside Beach now has another beautiful title to uphold. Surfside Beach was listed as one of the Top 10 best family beaches!

6) Love The Grand Strand for Its Beauty!

  • Gorgeous homes.
  • Beautiful parks.
  • Wonderful flowers and native trees.
  • Friendly People.
  • Sunshine on most days.

The Grand Strand is simply a beautiful place to visit and live.

7) Love The Grand Strand for Its Restaurants!

No matter your taste, there’s a place for you at one of the many tables on the Grand Strand.

While the Grand Strand offers large chain restaurant access like Margaritaville, TGI Fridays, 5 Guys and Friendly’s, there are plenty of spots that less overcrowded and less corporate.

No matter your taste, when living on the Grand Strand you will eat well.

8) Love The Grand Strand for Its Seafood!

Murrells Inlet is called the Seafood Capital of South Carolina!

It wasn’t always as family-friendly as it is today though. In the 1800s, pirates hid in the inlet creeks waiting to plunder unsuspecting English ships. You may have heard of one in particular called Blackbeard.

While you can go fishing, crabbing or even scuba diving, why not lay on the beach all day and come eat seafood at night in one of many restaurants on the Marsh Walk?

9) Love The Grand Strand for Its Southern Hospitality!

Southern hospitality is a phrase used in American English to describe the stereotype of residents of the Southern United States as particularly warm, sweet, and welcoming to visitors to their homes, or to the South in general.”

And friendly we are!

If you’ve never experienced it, you’ve been missing out.

10) Love The Grand Strand for Its Low Cost of Living!

We simply can’t deny that living on the Grand Strand is… grand! While Strand Security and our family have been residents for 10 years, we’ve realized what a great deal we have here in the south!

Homes are affordable, as are groceries and other living expenses; the cost of living in South Carolina due to low taxes is a huge attraction for new residents. The lure of these beautiful yet affordable southern homes brings many northerners to our beloved Grand Strand.

What Do You Love About the Grand Strand?

Please tell us why you love the Grand Strand!

Keep an eye out for many more ’10 Reasons To Love…’ articles in 2020!

Call Strand Security in Myrtle Beach at 843-318-6392


How to Prevent Inventory Loss in Your Business

How to prevent inventory loss in your business in Myrtle Beach

Theft Can Cripple Your Business!

Whether you own a restaurant, a retail store, an accountancy or any other business, if you have employees and customers, you can lose inventory. Not all loss can be accounted for. Not all loss can be prevented. However, theft on a larger scale is mostly preventable and that’s what this article is all about!

According to Loss Prevention Media one sure way to limit your losses is to remove the opportunity for malicious loss

Individuals typically consider four questions before embarking on an act of theft.

First, what is the risk of being caught?

Second, how easy will it be to carry out the act?

Third, is the likely reward worthwhile?

Four, if I do get caught, what is the likely punishment?


Once we have a better understanding of how and why theft takes place, we can go about putting systems in place to prevent theft from happening.

How To Stop Thieves from Stealing From Your Business!

How To Stop Thieves from Stealing From Your Business!

I would think you’d agree with me that preventing theft is better than catching a thief in the act.

Therefore the first tips deal with prevention:

  • Install surveillance cameras. Make sure these cameras are located strategically throughout your place of business and trained upon places where theft is most likely to take place (cash register, back room, front door). Often, just seeing these cameras in your place of business will deter a thief.
  • Install a security system. This system should be monitored during off hours as to keep the place of business secure while it’s closed.
  • Put up signs. In prominent places around the workplace, display signs with security cameras and/or security monitoring. Again, if a potential thief sees these signs, they are more likely to skip your establishment and go somewhere else to steal.
  • Train your employees. Sometime during the hiring process, talk about loss prevention and theft consequences. Make it clear there is a ‘no tolerance’ policy in place. In your newsletters and employees meetings, reiterate loss prevention techniques and tips and remind them of your surveillance cameras.
  • Hire a loss prevention consultant. If you are losing inventory at an alarming rate, hire someone to find out where and how your inventory is disappearing. It’s not always obvious how and where thieves strike.
  • Lock up! This might seem like an easy thing to do, but you’d be surprised how many business owners deal with (new) employees who forget to set the security alarm system at the end of the day or forget to lock up the business correctly after their shift.

The next tips deal with catching a thief in the act of stealing (in case your ‘warning signs’ didn’t work)

  • Hire a loss prevention specialist. This person should be tasked with watching surveillance video in real time and thus should be able to catch thieves and employees in the act of shoplifting. If you have a large business, you might need to hire a team of loss prevention specialists.
  • Electronically tag your products. Tag your (most expensive) products with electronic monitoring devices. Install gates at your exits to catch thieves.
  • Train your employees. Every employee should recognize the signs of a shoplifter or thief and should know all steps involved in catching the thief in the act. This requires yearly training on your part – making sure everyone is on the same page and know how to handle any situation.
  • Install panic buttons. In strategic places all throughout your place of business, install panic buttons for the safety of your employees and the security of your business.

Taking Action to Prevent Inventory Loss Will Save You Money!

Not all theft can be prevented.

Not all thieves can be caught.

However, having a clear plan in place on how to handle situations as they occur will help tremendously. Investing a bit of money into your business for a security system, surveillance cameras and loss prevention employees might in the end, save you money,  and time and lots of headaches along the way.

Call Strand Security in Myrtle Beach at 843-318-6392



100 Top Security Blogs You Need To Read Now

YOU NEED TO READ NOW    Myrtle Beach

Do You Want To Keep Your  Family and Business Safe and Secure?

We do! We think you do as well.

We bet you read a lot about security then, to make sure you are up-to-date on all the latest and newest gadgets and features of your favorite brands.

We at Strand Security in the Myrtle Beach area care about your safety and security as it’s our business!

We realized years ago that knowledge is power, so we started a blog – this blog – to educate our customers, our local community and those who are interested in home security at large.

Can you believe this is article #85 on our Strand Security blog?! Slow and steady ‘wins’ the race – point in case; we are recently added to the Top 100 home security blogs & websites aka “The Best Home Security Blogs on the Planet”

We Are A Top 100 Home Security Blogs Winner!

Check out the full list here and don’t forget that we are listed on this International List; how super exciting is that? If you do a quick scroll, we are number #86.

If you want to check out the other 100 top security blogs, we are cool with that, of course. We do pride ourselves on providing our blog readers with the best security information, updates on the latest features and news about new gadgets and new products available to you, the customer.

Our Top 5 Strand Security Blog Articles

We can’t let this opportunity go by without serving up our best and Top 5 Strand Security Articles!

These have been our most popular and well-read articles, enjoy and share.

1) Safety First! Make a Family Emergency Plan Today.

“Planning for emergencies is not an easy thing to do, since, well… they happen when you least expect it! However, having a PLAN does help you ‘take control’ of the unexpected, as far as that’s possible.”

2) 5 Hot Summer Security Tips to Keep You Safe While Having Fun

“While you are patiently waiting for the day to arrive that you can leave, burglars are also patiently waiting! They are waiting for homeowners like you to make simple mistakes that give them the opportunity to burglarize your home while you are away.

Did you know that over 2 million homes are broken into each year in the USA? Did you know that a large chunk of those home invasions happen during the summer months of June, July and August?”

3) 6 Awesome Sonos Tips for Sports Fans Everywhere

“We love having these Sonos speakers in our office and our home. We always have great quality sounds whenever and wherever we want it. These speakers are also great if you have an outdoor kitchen or a pool, a restaurant or entertainment venue. They are easy to set up, easy to use and come with a great app. Of course, being able to stream Apple  Music doesn’t hurt one bit!”

4) It Happened To Me: How I Survived an Armed Robbery

“I want to share with you my very personal story about an armed robbery, in hope of bringing awareness to the importance of security and self-defense. It has taken me almost six years to get to this point – being able to tell my story without breaking down. I know it’s time to share it with you though, so that even if only ONE person can learn enough to survive an armed attack, it’s all worth it.”
5) 5 Reasons Why Security Cameras Rock!

“We hear this question all the time. “Do I really need security cameras?” and “Is having my security alarm system not enough on its own?” The answer might surprise you. Having a security system is a huge deterrent to would-be thieves so yes, in theory, it’s all you’ll need. However, and of course there’s a however, security cameras add additional value to your system and once you understand what that value is, we guarantee you’ll want them!”

We Answer Your Security Questions! Ask Away!

If you have questions about our services, a product or anything else pertaining to security and safety, please ask us!

Call Strand Security in Myrtle Beach at 843-318-6392



How To Convert an Old Home Into a Smart Home

How to convert an old home into a smart home

Do You Live In An Older Home?

If you do live in an older home right here on the Grand Strand, you might be missing out on new technology to make your life easier. If you are lucky enough to live in a new home, built in the last 5 years of so, you might already have a smart home.

So what if you do live in that older home; are you out of luck? No! We are talking about converting your old(er) home in to a smart home!

It’s easy. Really, it is. Keep reading.

Truth: Smart homes aren’t just a new fads, they are here to stay – so we say; why not convert your home today?

But, what exactly does that mean; convert your home?

  • Will it cost a lot of money?
  • Will you know how to use this smart home technology?
  • Will your children or aging parents mess up the technology?
  • How long does it take to install?
  • What if you have trouble with the new system once it’s installed?

First, let’s see how smart a smart home really is.

Can Your Old Home Do This?

Here are some of the functions a smart home can take over for you.

  • Arm your alarm system from afar
  • Monitor your alarm system from afar
  • Monitor your security cameras from afar
  • Open and lock doors remotely
  • Open and close blinds
  • Turn lights on and off
  • Adjust your thermostat
  • Shut off gas
  • Shut off water
  • Control your media
  • Connect with Alexa
  • Wake up your home upon your arrival

Sounds too good to be true? It’s not!

Zwave and strand security will make your old home into a smart home

How Can I Convert My Older Home Into A Smart Home?

We at Strand Security would love to give you a demo on how these features work – stop in to demo Z-WAVE devices at Strand Security’s showroom in Murrells Inlet.

• Thermostat

• Lighting

• Locks and more!

See it. Love it. Use it. Get it!

Do you need a smart home? Absolutely not, but as someone who has had one for years, I don’t know what I would do without it. It makes my home safer, my life easier, and frankly, it’s really cool!


Are You Ready For Your Home to Be Smart? Come See Us!

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How To Program Your Universal Remote The Easy Way!

How to Program your universal remote the easy way, Myrtle Beach!

Do You Have An Array of Remotes In Your Home?

Do you have multiple remotes for your Myrtle Beach home, including remotes for your

  • TVs
  • DVR
  • Cable Box
  • Stereo System
  • Blueray Player
  • Fans
  • Lights

If you are anything like our family (kids, pets, technology, Smart-home) you might REALLY be frustrated with all of these remotes. Instead of loving your Smart-home, dealing with a large number of remotes might leave you frustrated and feeling oh, maybe not so smart after all!

Owning multiple remotes and using them is tricky for even a smart person to figure out. Add in some small kids, an elderly (visiting) parent, an occasional babysitter, a house sitter and you’ve got a recipe for remote frustration and confusion for everyone in your home.

We know because at our house we used to have issues!

How To Program a universal remote | Myrtle Beach Security

Multiple Remote Issues

This is what happened to our many remotes that we used to own…

  • Remotes got lost in the house.
  • Remotes for different technology got mixed up.
  • Remotes took a lot of batteries. (and those are expensive!)
  • Remotes ran out of batteries at the most inopportune time.
  • Remotes broke (or let’s be honest; kids broke them).
  • Remotes got left on the floor for the dog to chew.

Or this…

So that’s what happens to the remote.

What if we told you we can solve ALL of these headaches for you with one purchase, because we did it for ourselves?

Oh, you want to know what we did?

We bought and programmed one Universal Remote to solve it all!

A Universal Remote Will Solve Your Multiple Remote Problems!

We at Strand Security know that having one universal remote saves time and frustration.

And we don’t know about you, but for us this ‘formula’ holds true, always: time = money

Now there is one issue that comes up each and every time we mention using a universal remote.

People say “Well that’s great for you that you are using one of those universal remotes but my (husband, friend, father, wife) doesn’t know how to set one up and I tried and couldn’t do it either!”

Here’s the scoop, we don’t just sell universal remotes;

Strand Security Will Program Your Universal Remote For You!

You read that right!

We not only sell

  • Harmony (our most popular one)
  • Savant
  • URC (universal Remote Control)

brand universal remotes, we also come and program them for you!

We don’t know about you, but that’s would be huge relief for us if we didn’t know how to do it: to have a professional, trained technician from Strand Security come and program this remote for us.

Harmony Remote Available from Strand Security in Myrtle Beach

Yes, we give demos.

Yes, you can try to do this yourself.

But WHY would you want to if we can do it

  • faster
  • better
  • right the first time


Do you want a universal remote for your home?

Contact Chuck at 843-318-6392 today – or stop by our showroom in Murrells Inlet for a demo and to find out more!

Call Strand Security in Myrtle Beach at 843-318-6392



When You Find Yourself In Trouble, Remember This!

When in trouble or when attacked; fight! Self-defense moves to survive an attack!

How Will You React When Attacked?

Unfortunately, many of us don’t know ‘how we will react’ until we are attacked.

You can never really completely prepare for the unexpected – but you can practice!
Personal safety is a huge concern and should be on top of your list of things to ‘prepare for”.

This list should also include

So how will you react when attacked?

This Is How One Woman Reacted When She Was Held At Gunpoint

Heather of Strand Security was held at gunpoint during a store robbery.

What she did was…FIGHT!

Her message to all of us is very clear.


There is always something you can do, there is always a way to fight.

She learned this in high school during a self-defense class; she credits this class, and the knowledge she received, with saving her life during the armed robbery!

You know what else she’s doing?

Heather Is Now Fighting For Your Safety!

Just last week, Strand Security announced their next Self Defense Class!

On Dec. 3, you need to be there with us, so can be prepared should you ever be attacked.

Listen to, and watch, this video; both Heather and Dorien talk about why this self-defense class is so important and they each give you ONE THING they learned from the last class they took!

Don’t YOU want to know what to do when attacked, and practice those moves in a safe environment?

Join us on Saturday December 3 for the next self defense class.

Grab a Friend and Sign Up!

If you don’t want to go alone, we get that, too!

Grab a friend and sign up for our next class and if you don’t know whom to ask, check out this AWESOME list of people in your life who need self-defense!

Here is the info to sign up.Self-defense class in Myrtle Beach

We can’t wait to see you on Saturday December 3 in Murrells Inlet!
Contact Strand Security today



Help Strand Security Collect Donations for Louisiana Flood Victims!

Help Strand Security Secure Donations for the Louisiana Flood Victims of the Flood of 2016

Do You Remember The Historic SC Flood of October 2015?

It’s now called the ‘1000 year flood’ and it happened right here along the Grand Strand and in other parts of South Carolina. Thousands of families lost belongings, homes, property and many other people were displaced and had to leave their homes.

It’s happening all over again and it’s so heartbreaking to watch it all unfold!

This time is the state of Louisiana that’s dealing with unexpected and unprecedented floods.

We Felt Compelled to Act!

Heather of Strand Security felt she needed to act. But, like many others, didn’t really know how to go about it. That is, until she received this email from ESA (Electronic Security Association) about a local Louisiana agency is dire needs. Please read.

This past week, heavy rains and extreme floods have devastated southern Louisiana resulting in over a dozen fatalities and thousands displaced from their homes; many unaware if those home are still standing. As the rising water begins to wane, ESA members are looking for ways to help our Louisianan neighbors.

Quality Support Coordination, Inc., a local agency that works to provide social services to persons with developmental disabilities and the elderly, has been in service of over 4,000 families and is looking for additional assistance in this time or natural disaster.

At this time the agency has 50+ families that have lost everything due to the flood event of August 2016.  These families all receive Medicaid and have limited resources with most living off of Social Security due to varying levels of disability.  Quality Support Coordination, Inc. is asking this great community for assistance to help these families.  Times like these affect people with Developmental Disabilities and the Elderly in very different ways than people without these special needs.

Below is a list of our greatest needs:

  • Gift Cards to any grocery store, Walmart, etc.
  • Any food or bottled water, ice chests
  • Bath towels, blankets, sheets, pillows, pillow cases
  • Toiletries- soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, hair brushes, razors for men and women, shaving cream, deodorant etc.
  • Cleaning supplies- bleach, brooms, paper towels, mops, razor cutters for sheet rock
  • Fans to help dry out homes
  • Clothes for men and women- medium, large and extra-large; socks, undergarments
  • Medical equipment (that is in working order) – wheelchairs, hospital beds, shower chairs, etc.

You see, there was the nudge Heather needed to take action.

Now We Need Your Help!
(consider this your nudge to help)

Here is our plea; we can’t do it alone.
If you remember what it was like in South Carolina just 11 months ago, and if you can imagine the devastation these families are living with in Louisiana and if you feel in your heart it’s right to act, get in contact with us today!

We accept donations from individuals, families and businesses. The very best way to help these families is by donating gift cards! Please contact Heather at 843-318-1192 or Heather@StrandSecurity.com.

We Aren’t he Only Ones Excited This is Actually Happening!

Heather spoke with Kamira Johnson of ESA and this was the follow up email she received.

Hi Heather,

Thank you so much for reaching out to us and for initiating such an awesome drive for the people in Louisiana. Like you said, it only takes one person! I spoke to my manager about you all and he is super excited! If you tell us when the story will air on ABC, we will record the clip and our marketing department can use it in one of their videos or stories. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you, again and have fun with your interview! You all are doing an amazing thing!



So before we hand it over to YOU and let you decide how you want to help, here are a few pictures of the TV interview!

Lisa of WMBF News in the Strand Security Showroom

Lisa Gresci of WMBF News shooting B-roll in the Strand Security office.

Strand Security in Murrells INlet

Heather of Strand Security is interviewed by Lisa Gresci of WMBF News.

Gift card donations for the Louisiana Flood Victims.

Gift card donations will help Louisiana flood victims who have lost everything in August 2016.

Local Grand Strand business helps Louisiana flood victims

Lisa Gresci of WMBF News, Heather Bryant of Strand Security and Dorien Morin of More In Media

Lisa Gresci of WMBF News fell in love with Strand Security dog Henry!

Lisa and Henry


Act Now To Help These 50 Families Who Lost Everything Last Month!

We will be collecting for one more week – please help us collect and donate gift cards for these families.

You can do this by calling Heather at 843-318-1192 or sending her an email right now at Heather@StrandSecurity.com!

Get involved! Act now.

UPDATED 9/9/2016:

Our TV News Story was the TOP STORY on the 5:30 PM news on Thursday September 8, 2016 and then repeated at 7 PM.
Read it here!

Here is the news clip from the 5:30 PM news.

WMBFNews.com, Myrtle Beach/Florence SC, Weather

Here is the news clip from the 7 PM news.

WMBFNews.com, Myrtle Beach/Florence SC, Weather

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