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Learn self-defense in Myrtle Beach

The Best and Most Effective Personal Self-Defense Weapons to Carry on You

January is National Personal Self-Defense Month.

Each year we highlight this important awareness month because we believe that awareness leads to power which leads to prevention.

Preventing a crime is always better than reacting to one. Strand Security has been dedicated to not just security, but personal safety for many years. We even have our own Myrtle Beach Self Defense division. Learn more about how this came to be here.

This article will lists several options of self-defense weapons you can carry on you, as you go about your day.

Protect yourself: learn self-defense techniques and carry a weapon of some sort to ward of an attack.

self defense weapons

The Personal Taser

A taser works like this:

Electric TASER devices work by delivering a high-voltage, low-current electrical discharge into the body of an assailant, overwhelming the muscle-triggering mechanisms of their body. The shock is painful and can paralyze the assailant, but the electric TASER device as a non-lethal weapon is generally considered safe.

The keyword here is that a taser can paralyze the attacker, opening up an opportunity for the victim to get away! Taser can only be used by making contact with an assailant. S/he has to get within reach for your to deploy this self defense weapon.

Pepper Spray

Much like the taser, pepper spray can be used to fend of an assailant or attacker. The advantage over a taser is that pepper spray can be used from a distance – you do NOT have to wait to use this weapon until physical contact is made.

A small can of pepper spray can be tucked into a pocket, sock, or even a bra. It’s easier to carry than a taser, and is recommended for those who workout outside – i.e. runners, bicyclists, hikers etc.

Pocket Weapons

Pocket weapons can be anything from a swiss army knife, keys, small tools, sharp objects – i.e. anything that is strong, sharp, pointy and light weight.

While pepper spray can be used from a distance, pocket weapons, like a taser, are only to be used as a last resort when in close contact with the assailant. Pocket weapons can be hidden in … pockets, but also in backpacks, fanny packs and a purse.

Heavy Flashlight

A heavy flashlight can serve double duty. Light the way and serve as a weapons when needed. A heavy flashlight, used strategically, can knock down a grown men or woman and incapacitate them. This gives the victim opportunity to escape.

Whistle / Air Horn

A whistle or air horn deployed at close range can damage the eardrum, and at the same time, strongly deter an assailant from carrying out the intended attack. Loud sounds alert bystanders to the fact that an assault is in progress, thus rallying support for the victim. Most assailants will turn and run when confronted with a loud noise.


Last but not least, your smartwatch can be used to help victims in several ways.

1. Emergency SOS. Simply press and hold the side button below the digital crown dial on the upper right side of the Apple watch. The watch will automatically call 911 and send a text message to up to five emergency contacts you previously selected and stored within the watch. The Apple Watch reveals the wearer’s exact location and serves as a speakerphone, allowing the user to communicate with a 911 operator or emergency contacts.

Several Galaxy smartwatches also have an SOS feature, accessed by pressing the home key on the lower right side, that will alert contacts you’ve previously entered on the smartphone paired with the watch.

2 GPS location tracking. An Apple iPhone can be used to track an Apple Watch wearer’s exact location in real time. This is a useful feature and helpful during an assault or kidnapping especially when a victim is incapacitated in some way, and can’t call 911 or speak to an operator.

Prevent Being Victimized. Learn Self Defense.

While not all assaults, attacks and crimes can be prevented, learning self defense and awareness about personal safety does help in reducing your risk for being a victim.

Heather of Strand Security has been teaching personal self defense classes to the Grand Strand Community for over 5 years. That includes Girl Scouts, business organizations, sororities, council of the aging and more!

Contact Heather today to schedule your class.

Call Strand Security in Myrtle Beach at 843-318-6392




Second Self Defense Instructor Joins Myrtle Beach Self Defense

Myrtle Beach Self Defense Has Two Martial Arts Experts as Instructors.

What Is Better Than One Self Defense Expert?

Answer: Two self defense experts!

We at Strand Security are exited to announce that our division ‘Myrtle Beach Self Defense‘ has partnered with a second self defense instructor.

And… yes, more exciting news, we are working on a website!

Before we introduce you to our newest self defense instructor, we have another important announcement.

Myrtle Beach Self Defense now has a new LOGO!

Myrtle Beach Self Defense New Logo

We are thrilled with the new design work courtesy of Jen Egan Design!

If you haven’t seen our Myrtle Beach Self Defense Facebook Page with this new logo, go check it out.

Myrtle Beach Self Defense, division of Strand Security, is growing and growing…!

Meet Our New Self Defense Instructor, Jason McCormick of Karate World in Surfside Beach!

Yes, can you believe it?

We are thrilled to partner with Master Jason as we now have TWO martial arts experts on our team at Myrtle Beach Self Defense.

Jason McCormick of Karate World joins Myrtle Beach Self Defense

Jason began his karate training in 1984 under Master Gene Lewis in Mullins, South Carolina. He received his adult black belt in 1990 and served four years as a U.S. Marine before opening Karate World of Surfside Beach, South Carolina in 1995. His love of physical fitness, teaching, and community involvement makes Karate World an ideal place for students to develop their own leadership skills.

Master Jason’s attributes include:

  • Associate’s Degree in Health Science & Radiologic Technologies
  • Regionally ranked competitor in forms, weapons, and fighting by Sport Karate International from 1991-1999
  • Sport Karate International Self Defense World Champion in 1995
  • National Black Belt League Self Defense World Champion in 1996
  • 6th Degree Black Belt: Zen Ketsugo Karate – September 2012
  • 6th Degree Black Belt: American Karate – September 2012
  • 1st Degree Black Belt: Joe Lewis American Karate Systems – January 2005
  • Blue Belt with 3 stripes: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – June 2012
  • Purple Belt with 1 stripe: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – November 2013
  • Certified CDT Personal Protection Training Instructor – January 2010
  • National Tournament Promoter 2004 – 2005
  • 8th degree black belt in Japanese Zen Ketsugo
  • Brown Belt in Gracie Jiu Jitsu
  • 1st degree black belt Joe Lewis Fighting System
  • completed CDT nonlethal tactics course
  • currently training for black belt exam in the Chuck Norris system

Join One, or All, of Our Next Self Defense Classes

Myrtle Beach Self Defense Class MArch 2017

This class is from 12-3 PM on Saturday March 11 and will be taught by Amos Collins.

April 8 2017 Self Defense Class

The two April classes will be from 1-4PM and taught by Master Jason on April 8 and April 29.

All Myrtle beach Self Defense Classes take place at Homewatch Caregivers in Murrells Inlet.

For more information, or to sign up for a class, email heather@strandsecurity.com or call her at 843-318-1192.

If you have questions about home security, please call 843-318-6392 and speak with Chuck!

Call Strand Security in Myrtle Beach at 843-318-6392



3 Self Defense Moves You Need To Know

3 self-defense moves you need to know - Join our next self-defense class in Myrtle Beach

Don’t Putt Off Until Tomorrow What You Can Do Today!

How often have you told yourself ‘I’ll do it later’ only to realize that later is here, and you didn’t take care of the matter at hand.

If you are lucky, this has happened to you with minor things.

  • Maybe you forgot to replace a burnt out light bulb in the bathroom and now you are in the dark.
  • Maybe you forgot to buy new garbage bags and as you empty your trash can you realize you don’t have a bag to replace the one you have just taken out.
  • Maybe your forgot to pay the water bill and you received an overdue notice in the mail just in time before your water was turned off.

These mishaps, so to speak, are annoying but not life changing or life threatening.

Is Personal Safety Of Any Concern to You?

How often have you thought about taking a self-defense class?

How often have you taken a self-defense class?

What is stopping you from signing up for a self-defense class today?

Personal safety and self-defense class in Myrtle Beach


Let us be clear – we get it! We are busy ourselves. We have a business to run, kids to raise and animals that need our attention, BUT personal safety is a huge concern to us at Strand Security, even more so after the attack on Heather!

We want everyone to be safe and it’s become our mission to get as many people in our classes as we can!

We’ve Teamed Up With Another Myrtle Beach Area Business, Homewatch CareGivers, To Bring You Self-Defense Classes

Make today the day you DO something about your desire to be and feel safe!
Call Heather at 843-318-1192 to sign up today, or email her at heather@strandsecurity.com

Self-defense class in Myrtle Beach

So What 3 Self-Defense Moves Should You Know To Protect Yourself?

From our Martial Art Expert and Self-Defense Class Instructor, we’ve learned these three self-defense moves we think you should know as well!

ONE – When someone approaches you and you feel unsafe, put your hands up in front of you, spread your legs to take a solid stance and say in a very loud voice. “Stop. Get back. I don’t want any trouble”.

TWO – You can grab almost anything near you to use as a weapon when you need it. In our self-defense class we each were tasked with finding something in the building and bringing it back to the mat. Then we had to attack the instructor with our ‘weapon’. We were amazed at what we could do with common household items. When an attack happens, look for anything to use as a weapon.

THREE – Your elbow is the strongest bone in your body, so use it during an attack! Hit your attacker in the chin, stomach, head or anywhere on their body! Remember, the elbow can do a lot of damage!

Do Want To Practice These Self-Defense Moves and Learn More?

It’s time to sign up for our next self-defense class!

Call Heather at 843-318-1192 and reserve your spot. If you’d prefer to use email, send Heather a message via heather@strandsecurity.com

We hope to see you on Dec. 3, or in January at our next event!

Contact Strand Security today


Would You Know How To Fight Off A Kidnapper?

Do you know how to protect yourself? Would you know how to fend off a kidnapper?

Have You Seen This Crazy Video and Headline Today?

It’s all over the news and parents everywhere are running scared! (as they should be!)

Attempted Kidnapping In Broad Daylight In Front of a Parent!

Here are some reactions we seen, many from concerned parents.

“I can’t even!! How are we supposed to teach our children how to do things for themselves when we can’t even trust that they are safe standing RIGHT NEXT to us???”

“Really…what has this world come to when you can’t even go to the store without worrying about someone stealing your child!”

“The girl was 13 that’s not a small child (old enough to be a babysitter and home alone) and this was done in front of other people. This creeper is crazy.”

Would you know how to fend off a kidnapper?

Put Yourself In This Mom’s Shoes!

Would you know how to fight?

Would you know how to defend those you love?

Would you be brave enough to fight and keep fighting?


We at Strand Security want you to

  • feel safe
  • be safe
  • stay safe

After one of our own was attacked and held at gun point, she fought for her life!
Now, as a local Myrtle Beach resident, business owner and mom, she’s fighting for YOUR LIFE.

Heather is the brain behind our Self-Defense Workshops.
Amos is the muscle who teaches us in our Self-Defense Workshops.

If this video scared you as much as it did us, take ACTION. TODAY!

Come To Our Self-Defense Workshop This Month!

Here’s the deal. Much of what you learn doesn’t stick with you for an extended period of time BUT if you not only heard or read a tip, technique or fact, but actually practiced it, it will be something you are much more likely to remember and be able to use.

It has to become something that you are comfortable with and something that’s almost second nature.

A three hour class will give you plenty of opportunity to practice, practice and practice several important and potentially life-saving self-defense techniques!


On a side note: the last 20 minutes of class are usually dedicated to rape self-defense. A bit uncomfortable? Sure. Something we’d like to not talk about? Sure. If you think you have no power left once someone has you pinned under them, think again!

Amos showed us in the last class what to do and how to get out of such a hold…!
What an incredibly powerful thing to walk away with. 

Who Do You Love and Who Do You Want To Protect?

self defense class in Myrtle Beach

Is there anything you are waiting for?

This could be you, your daughter, your child, your son, your sister…

Know what to do and how to hurt them where it counts!

Sign up for the next self defense class in Myrtle Beach

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