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7 Ways To Protect Your Home While You Are On Vacation

Living It Up In Myrtle Beach

protecting your home while you are on vacation in 7 simple steps

We operate our business in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (as well as Maryland) and we are often reminded how lucky we are as most people vacation where we live and work!

Myrtle Beach is an amazing place to live and a great place to raise a family. The Grand Strand is growing, expanding and that means more businesses are opening up and more people are moving here. We’ve been very busy helping many local home owners and new business owners with their security needs in the last few years installing cameras, panels, and more and there’s no end in sight! (Yes, we’re smiling!)

Getting Away from our Wonderful Tourist Destination

Sometimes, though, even we get tired of working hard all the time. Dare I say we get tired of the beach, the putt-putt and ‘gasp’, the tourists?! Eventually everyone needs a break, right? When we do get a break here at Strand Security, there’s ONE thing we do not worry about.

We at Strand Security do not worry about leaving our home or our business while we are on vacation.

Why? Be cause we know the signs thieves and burglars are looking for so we take measures to make it look like we are around and we have the best security systems installed, of course (did you expect us to not mention that?)

Here are 7 ways to protect your home while you go on vacation or ‘7 ways to deter a burglar from breaking into your home while you are on vacation!’


  1. If you have a security system, set it. Display the security company signage in your yard and/or display a sticker on your door/windows.

  2. Purchase a few timers and set up several lights on those timers; set them to go on at dusk and turn off at night, or at dawn.

  3. Stop your mail and newspaper delivery, or have a trustworthy neighbor empty your mailbox and pick up your newspaper every day. Nothing says ‘I am not home’ like a stack of unread newspapers on your lawn!

  4. If you’ve left on trash pickup day, arrange for a neighbor to return your empty can back into your side yard or garage. An empty driveway and a can left at the curb signals you are out of town!

  5. If you have kids, leave a few toys strewn around in the back yard… If you have dogs, leave a few dog bones strewn around, too!

  6. If you have a dog, leave out a dog bowl and chain/leash by the back door. Put up a sign that says ‘Beware of Dog’. Even if you don’t have an actual dog, this will deter a burglar.

  7. Install outdoor motion-detecting security lights.


Doing all or some of these things will not 100% guarantee that your house will not be broken into. They will, however, make the chances of that happening much lower.


Smart burglars – and yes, there are some smart and sophisticated burglars and thieves out there – will avoid confrontation. They do not want to come to your home while you are home. They do not want to break down a door, they’d rather find one unlocked. They do not want an alarm set off. They’d much rather burglarize a home without a system.

Don’t make it so easy for someone to enter your home while you are away! Deter everyone and secure your home.

7 ways to protect your home while you are on vacation


The last thing I want to mention is that with an active alarm system and monitoring company, you’d know INSTANTLY if something is going on in your home, whereas you wouldn’t know for days or even weeks if your home was vandalized without such a system.

Let us know if we can help you make your vacation just a little bit better with added peace of mind!

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How Do I Find the Best Security Company for my Home or Business?

Your Family and Employees Deserve the Best!

Protect what (and whom) you love!
If you are anything like us, you want the best! You want and expect the best for your family, the best for your business and the best for your employees. We get it; we own and operate a business too, right here in the Myrtle Beach area – with additional services in Maryland!

So when it comes to security, why not get the best?

You might think you know how to select the best security company, but if you are reading this article, you might not be 100% sure of it. We’d like to give you a few pointers as to what to look for in a respectable security company to secure your residence and your commercial properties.

Here are sure signs of business success.

  • The security company has a website.
  • The security company has knowledgeable staff that answers the phone and answers your questions.
  • The security company staff takes the time to meet with you explains their plans to you and gives you the time of day!
  • They work with reputable monitoring company and offer you brand name equipment.
  • Your friends, colleagues or neighbors are recommending this company to you.
  • You see signs around your neighborhood with the company logo on it.
  • This company has invested money into marketing – they have a recognizable logo.
  • Their trucks look professional, their staff wears branded shirts and they have beautiful brochures.
  • This company has been in business several years – they have a proven track record.
  • Staff retention rates.
  • Online testimonials and reviews (check Facebook and Google).
  • They have an active social media presence.
  • You feel satisfied after a consultation with this company.

Here are some signs of possible business distress.

  • Blatant self-promotion without solid facts.
  • Sales pitches that smell and sound of desperation.
  • Constant staff turnover.
  • Bad online reviews.
  • Minimal online presence.
  • Unanswered phone calls
  • Unmarked vehicles.
  • This company gives you the run around (about service and/or rates).

How To Find The best Security Company for your Home or Business


It goes without saying that all of these pointers also apply to any other service company you are thinking of hiring. As always; if it sounds too good to be true, if someone or something makes you feel uncomfortable or if they are just too pushy… it’s probably not the right company to work with! You should feel great about this relationship and you need to trust the person who will do work in your home and/or your place of business!

When it comes to protecting those you love, those you are responsible for, don’t you want the best?

Why settle?

We highly recommend you do your homework before deciding on hiring a security company. If you are in the market for either a residential or a commercial security alarm system in the Myrtle Beach and Grand Strand area, consider checking out Strand Security. We’d love your business as ‘your security is our business’!

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