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Smart Home Security: What It Is and How Does it Work?

Smart Home Security: What It Is and How Does it Work?

As technology advances, so do the ways in which we can secure our homes. One of the latest trends in home security is the use of smarthome technology

This is especially true in the Grand Strand and Myrtle Beach area, where many homeowners are embracing the convenience and peace of mind that comes with a smart home security system. 

In this article, we will explore what smart home security is, how it works, and the various features available to homeowners looking to upgrade their home security system.

What is smarthome security?

Smart home security is a type of home security system that uses advanced technology to help protect your home and keep you connected to what’s happening there, even when you’re away. 

These systems typically include a combination of devices, such as security cameras, motion sensors, door and window sensors, and smart locks, that are connected to a central hub or control panel. This hub communicates with each device and allows you to monitor and control your security system remotely through a smartphone app or web portal. 

Smart home security systems are designed to be user-friendly and customizable, so you can create a system that meets your specific security needs.

How does smarthome security work?

Smart home security systems work by using a combination of devices and technology to monitor and secure your home. 

Security cameras are used to capture video footage of your home, which can be accessed remotely through a smartphone app or web portal. Motion sensors and door and window sensors are used to detect movement and alert you if there is any unusual activity. 

Smart locks allow you to lock and unlock your doors remotely, and can even be programmed to unlock automatically when you arrive home. 

Many smart home security systems also offer advanced features like facial recognition and voice control, allowing you to further customize and automate your system. With the ability to monitor and control your security system from anywhere, smart home security provides an unparalleled level of convenience and peace of mind.

Who benefits from smarthome security?

Smart home security systems offer a wide range of benefits to homeowners. Families can benefit from the added peace of mind that comes with being able to monitor their home and loved ones remotely, whether it’s checking in on their children after school or keeping an eye on an elderly family member who lives alone. 

Disabled individuals and the elderly can also benefit from smart home security systems, as they can help them to live more independently by providing an extra layer of security and assistance. 

For example, smart locks and motion sensors can be programmed to alert caregivers or loved ones if there is any unusual activity or if the individual needs help. 

Additionally, anyone who travels frequently or has a second home in the Grand Strand area can benefit from smart home security, as they can monitor their property and receive alerts if there is any unusual activity or if a door or window has been opened. 

Ultimately, anyone who values the safety and security of their home and loved ones can benefit from the convenience and peace of mind that comes with a smart home security system.

Is smarthome security affordable?

Yes, smart home security is affordable for a variety of budgets. 

While some high-end systems can be expensive, there are many options available that are both affordable and effective. One of the reasons that smart home security is becoming increasingly popular is because of its flexibility and affordability. 

Many smart home security systems offer integration with current systems, which means that you can add smart security devices to your existing home security system without having to replace everything. 

Additionally, there are many DIY options available that allow you to install and configure your own system, which can be more affordable than hiring a professional installer. Smart home security systems also offer a variety of add-ons, such as extra cameras, sensors, and door locks, which can be purchased and added to your system as your budget allows. With a range of options available, from budget-friendly DIY systems to high-end professionally installed systems, there is a smart home security solution to fit almost any budget.

Where can I get a smarthome security system?

Start by talking with your current security system provider. They should be able to offer you integration options with your current system. If they do not, read out to use at Strnad Security and we might be able to help you. If you currently do not own a home security system, installing a smarthome security system is one of the best decisions you can make to protect your family, your home and your assets.

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The Top 3 Security Threats Facing Grand Strand Homeowners

The Grand Strand, which encompasses Myrtle Beach and the surrounding areas, is a popular tourist destination known for its beautiful beaches and warm climate. However, like any other place, it is not immune to security threats. Grand Strand homeowners face a variety of security risks, from burglary to property damage caused by severe weather

Steps to Take Right Now to Protect Your Home

Fortunately, there are several steps homeowners can take to mitigate these risks and protect their homes and families. One important step is to conduct a security audit of your property. This can help identify vulnerabilities in your home’s security, such as weak locks or unsecured windows. Another important step is to establish a neighborhood watch program. Working together with your neighbors to keep an eye on each other’s homes can help deter burglars and other potential threats. Finally, it is important to stay informed about the latest security trends and technologies and to invest in the latest security products and services to keep your home and family safe. 

Three security threats facing Grand Strand Homeowners

Grand Strand homeowners can better protect their homes and enjoy all that the area has to offer with greater peace of mind.

Next, let’s look at the security threats Grand Strand Homeowners face. 

a beautiful south carolina home

1 Burglary on the Grand Strand

Burglary is a serious concern for homeowners in the Grand Strand area. With the high volume of tourists that flock to the area each year, many homes become prime targets for burglars looking to capitalize on the seasonal influx of visitors. Burglars often target homes that are easy to access and have valuable items, such as electronics, jewelry, and cash.

One effective way to deter burglars is to install a comprehensive home security system. These systems typically include motion sensors, alarms, and cameras that work together to alert homeowners and authorities if a break-in is attempted. The mere presence of these systems can often be enough to deter burglars from targeting your home in the first place.

Another way to improve the security of your home is to install security lighting. Burglars often prefer to operate under the cover of darkness, and a well-lit property can make it more difficult for them to remain hidden. Motion-activated lights can also be an effective deterrent, as they can startle burglars and draw attention to their presence.

In addition to physical security measures, it’s also important for homeowners to take steps to make their homes less attractive targets for burglars. For example, installing strong, high-quality locks on all doors and windows can make it more difficult for burglars to gain entry. Homeowners should also avoid leaving valuable items, such as jewelry or electronics, in plain view where they can be easily seen from outside.

Finally, it’s important for homeowners to be aware of the latest burglary trends and tactics used by criminals in the area. This can include staying informed about recent break-ins and burglaries in the area, and taking steps to protect your home accordingly. By staying vigilant and taking proactive measures to improve home security, Grand Strand homeowners can help protect their property and keep their families safe from the threat of burglary.

2 Severe Weather on the Grand Strand

Severe weather is a common threat to homeowners in the Grand Strand area, particularly during hurricane season which typically runs from June through November. Hurricanes and tropical storms can bring heavy rainfall, high winds, and flooding which can cause significant damage to homes and businesses. In addition to property damage, severe weather can also pose a serious threat to the safety of homeowners and their families.

One of the most important steps that homeowners can take to prepare for severe weather is to secure their homes. This may involve installing storm shutters or reinforced windows and doors that can withstand high winds and flying debris. Homeowners should also ensure that any outdoor furniture or decorations are securely fastened or brought inside, as these items can become dangerous projectiles in high winds.

It’s also wise to trim trees and remove any dead or weak branches that could potentially fall during a storm. This can help minimize damage to your home and property, as well as reduce the risk of injury to yourself and others. Additionally, homeowners should make sure to clear gutters and downspouts of debris to prevent flooding and water damage.

Preparing a disaster kit is a key step in getting ready for severe weather. This kit should include essential items such as food, water, first aid supplies, and a battery-powered radio. It’s also a good idea to include important documents such as insurance policies, identification, and emergency contact information in a waterproof container.

Last but not least, it is important to stay informed about severe weather alerts and warnings issued by local authorities. This can include monitoring weather reports on television or radio, as well as signing up for alerts through your local emergency management agency. By staying informed and prepared, homeowners in the Grand Strand area can help minimize the impact of severe weather events and keep themselves and their families safe.

3 Cybersecurity

With the increasing reliance on digital devices and online platforms, cybersecurity has become a crucial concern for homeowners in the Grand Strand area. Cybercriminals can target homeowners in several ways, including hacking into their computers, stealing personal information through phishing scams, and accessing sensitive data stored on devices connected to home networks.

One of the most important steps that homeowners can take to protect themselves against cyber attacks is to use strong passwords. This means creating complex passwords that include a combination of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Additionally, homeowners should avoid using the same password for multiple accounts and should change their passwords regularly.

Another way to prevent cyber-attacks is to be vigilant about suspicious emails and messages. Cybercriminals often use phishing scams to trick homeowners into revealing sensitive information or clicking on links that download malware onto their devices. Homeowners should be cautious when opening emails or messages from unknown senders and should avoid clicking on links or attachments unless they are certain that they are safe.

Keeping antivirus software and other security measures up to date is also important in preventing cyber attacks. This includes regularly updating operating systems, web browsers, and other software to ensure that known vulnerabilities are patched. Homeowners should also consider installing firewalls and other security software to protect their devices and networks from intrusions.

Homeowners should be aware of the risks associated with internet-connected devices such as smart home appliances and home security systems. These devices can be vulnerable to hacking if they are not properly secured, so homeowners should ensure that they are using strong passwords and that their devices are kept up to date with the latest security patches.

By taking these steps, homeowners in the Grand Strand area can help protect themselves against the growing threat of cyber attacks and keep their personal information secure.

Prevention, prevention, prevention! 

Grand Strand homeowners face a variety of security threats, including burglary, severe weather, and cybersecurity risks. Taking steps to protect your home, such as installing a security system and preparing for severe weather, can help keep your property and loved ones safe. Being vigilant and proactive about cybersecurity can also help prevent cyber attacks. By staying aware of these security threats and taking the necessary precautions, Grand Strand homeowners can enjoy all that the area has to offer with peace of mind.


7 Essential Tips For Protecting Your Family, Home, and Business During Hurricane Season

Hurricanes can and do occur often this time of year. As we on the Grand Strand live on the coast, we need to be aware and prepared during the North Atlantic Hurricane Season, which runs from June 1-November 30.

Although hurricanes are likely to bring heavy rains, strong gusts, and storm surges that are able to cause different degrees of damage to homes and businesses, there are steps that you can take now, in order to be impacted minimally by these storms. 

In this article, we will jump right into some hurricane safety tips for individual, commercial, and home safety.

As always, preparation is the key to preventing disasters!

Hurricane season preparation

1. Prepare an accessible emergency kit

One of the most essential things you should do to prepare for an oncoming hurricane is to design an emergency kit, for both your home and your business. 

This kit should include items such as water, food, flashlights, batteries for those flashlights, a first-aid kit, and any medications you are currently taking. It should be kept in a secure location that is easy to reach so that it can be accessible at any time you need it.

2. Board up doors and windows

In the event of a hurricane, powerful gusts of wind can cause heavy damage to windows and even doors. It is crucial to take the steps to protect these vulnerable parts of your home or business before the storm comes in. 

Consider installing storm shutters or boarding up these areas with plywood. Also, check the seals on your doors and windows in order to make sure that they are safe and secure.

3. Trim your trees 

Powerful winds are also able to cause trees to fall over, creating significant damage, especially to homes and businesses. 

Before a hurricane arrives, trim any trees around your property. Remove weak branches that may even be dead. This will help stop them from falling or being blown by a gust, potentially causing heavy damage.

4. Secure items that are outdoors

Outdoor furniture, ornaments, and general equipment can instantly become damage-causing projectiles during the winds of a hurricane. Be sure to move these items indoors if you can’t confidently secure them or at least to a safer area before the storm rolls in.

5. Evacuate if necessary or ordered by the state

In special cases, it could be quite necessary to evacuate your home or business in the event of a hurricane. Pay close attention to local weather alerts and follow any evacuation orders given by the state or local authorities. 

If you do feel the need or are ordered to evacuate, make sure to bring your emergency kit with you and follow the designated evacuation routes. When you evacuate, let others know where you are going. Your neighbors, your family, and your friends should be aware of your evacuation plans. 

Having a security system with cameras will allow you to keep an eye on your home and your business in the event of a mandatory evacuation, no matter where you are! 

6. Check your insurance coverage

It is essential to check your insurance coverage in advance of a hurricane. Be sure that you have coverage for your home or business, and that you understand any limitations or exclusions that might apply. 

You may consider purchasing flood insurance, as some standard policies might not cover flood damage. Your insurance agents will be able to guide you! 

7. Keep Informed

During and before a hurricane, it is important to stay informed about the latest weather conditions and generally just any updates from local authorities. Be sure to watch the local news and weather, and you should consider signing up for text alerts or any other notifications that would come from local emergency agencies.


Test your home security system and your cameras before hurricane season starts. Make sure your apps are updated, and you have login access on your mobile devices. 

This way, even if you have to evacuate, you can keep an eye on your property! 

South Carolina Hurricane Prep Starts in May!

Hurricanes can be incredibly dangerous, but with the proper knowledge, preparation, and planning, you can help to minimize the damage of these storms on your home, business, and family. 

By following these hurricane safety tips, you can rescue the risk of damage and help keep you and your property safe during a massive storm.

Need Hurricane Prep Help? 

Never hesitate to reach out to us at Strand Security. We’ve been living in South Carolina for many years and can help those who are new to the State of South Carolina, and new to hurricane season with hurricane preparations. We answer our phones. Give us a call! 

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Maximizing Movie Magic: Essential Tips for Setting Up The Acoustics in Your Home Theater

What’s not to Love about a Home Theater?

Home theaters have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. With the advancement of technology, creating a cinema-like experience in the comfort of your own home is now more feasible and affordable than ever before.

People love home theaters because they offer convenience, privacy, and flexibility in terms of scheduling and movie selection. Additionally, with the ongoing pandemic, many people have turned to home theaters as a safe and enjoyable alternative to traditional movie theaters.

Having a dedicated space in your home for entertainment also adds value to your property, making it a worthwhile investment for many homeowners. Overall, a home theater allows you to enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows in a way that is tailored to your personal preferences and provides an unparalleled viewing experience.

Your Home Theater Acoustics

Creating a perfect home theater experience requires careful consideration of several important factors, one of which is acoustics. The sound quality can make or break the movie-watching experience, regardless of how impressive the visual effects are. Therefore, it is crucial to optimize your home theater’s acoustics to create a truly immersive experience.

In this article, we’ll explore some essential tips for setting up the acoustics in your home theater, to help you maximize the magic of every movie you watch.

Home Theater Set Up for Acoustics

Setting up the right acoustics in a home theater is essential to creating an optimum quality of sound. Sound travels in waves and is able to absorb, reflect, or diffuse when it encounters different surfaces. Proper acoustics can enhance the depth, clarity, and realism of the sound waves, allowing you to completely immerse yourself in the movie experience.

Home Theater Size and Shape of the Room Affect the Acoustics

To have the proper acoustics, you need to consider the size and shape of the room, the location of speakers and seating, and the materials that were used in the construction of the room. A larger room can create a spacious sound, while a smaller room can make the sound feel more tight and concentrated. Irregularly shaped rooms can create challenges, such as standing waves or dead spots. Ideally, your seating should be located in the sweet spot, where the sound is the most balanced.

Home Theater Speaker Placement Affects Acoustics

Correct speaker placement is essential to sound quality. Your front speakers should be placed at ear level and an equal distance from your seating. The center channel should be directly above or below the screen, while surround speakers should be placed to the sides and just above ear level. Ambient lighting can change the acoustics of your home theater by reflecting or absorbing the sound waves. Choose lighting that is directed away from the screen and seating area, and consider installing dimmer switches and using blackout curtains to lessen the amount of light in the room.

Home Theater Furniture Placement Affects Acoustics

The furniture and decor in your home theater can impact the acoustics. Hard surfaces, such as tile and hardwood, can reflect sound, while soft surfaces, such as curtains or soft furniture, can absorb sound. Find a balance between hard and soft surfaces to create the best quality of sound in your home theater.

Choosing the Equipment Brands Play a Role in Home Theater Acoustics

When choosing equipment for a home theater, select speakers that are specifically designed for home theaters and look at the size of your room when selecting speaker sizes. A subwoofer is a necessary component of any home theater system, as it reproduces low-frequency sounds, such as explosions or bass notes. When selecting a receiver, think about the number of speakers you have and the inputs you might need to connect all of your devices.

To achieve the best possible sound quality, look for speakers that have a frequency response of at least 20 Hz to 20 kHz, a subwoofer that has a frequency response of at least 20 Hz to 200 Hz, and a receiver that supports the latest audio and video formats.

The Impact Acoustics Have on Your Home Theater Success

When setting up a home theater, good acoustics can make a significant impact on the quality of your home theater experience. By carefully planning your home theater setup and considering factors such as room size and shape, seating arrangement, speaker placement, ambient lighting, and furniture and decor, you can optimize the acoustics of your space and achieve the best sound quality possible.

By selecting the right equipment, such as speakers, subwoofers, and receivers, you can enhance your home theater experience even more.

The Home Theater Expert in Myrtle BeachL: Strand Security

We design and install home theaters on the Grand Strand, in Horry County and Georgetown County and in Myrtle Beach.

Give us a call to get started. We always answer the phone.

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5 Awesome Benefits and 5 Scary Risks of Using Artificial Intelligence for Cybersecurity

Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity – Friend or Foe?

In today’s world, cybersecurity is a high priority for businesses of all shapes and sizes, including those who are local to the Grand Strand and Myrtle Beach. As cyber threats continue to change, grow, and evolve; companies are turning to artificial intelligence as a possible solution to protect their networks and data. While AI has its benefits, it can also pose certain risks to a business. 

AI, Cybersecurity and Your Smarthome Systems! 

Smart home technology has become increasingly popular in recent years, allowing homeowners to automate various tasks and control their homes remotely.

However, this convenience comes with cybersecurity risks. Smart home devices, such as cameras, thermostats, and speakers, can be vulnerable to hacking, putting both the homeowner’s privacy and security at risk. Hackers can use these devices to access personal information, spy on occupants, and even control the physical functions of the home.

Therefore, it is essential for homeowners to take cybersecurity measures seriously, such as regularly updating device firmware, using strong passwords, and monitoring network activity. By being vigilant, homeowners can enjoy the benefits of smart home technology without compromising their security.

In this article, we will dive into the five benefits and five risks of using artificial intelligence for cybersecurity.

AI and cyber security

5 Benefits of artificial intelligence for Cybersecurity

1. Rapid Threat Detection: artificial intelligence can quickly and efficiently find patterns in data and identify behavioral outliers that could indicate a cyber attack. This can allow security teams to respond as quickly as possible to potential threats.

2. Improved Accuracy: artificial intelligence algorithms can analyze massive volumes of data with far more accuracy than humans, mitigating the risk of false positives and false negatives.

3. Predictive Analytics: artificial intelligence can use machine learning to see potential cyber security threats before they happen. This is likely to help security teams address and remove weaknesses in their systems.

4. Enhanced Automation: artificial intelligence is able to automate certain routine tasks, such as vulnerability assessments and patching allowing security teams to better focus on more complicated threats.

5. Cost-Effective: By automating arduous and repetitive tasks, artificial intelligence can reduce the workload on security teams and reduce staffing costs.

5 Risks of artificial intelligence for Cybersecurity

1. Bias: artificial intelligence algorithms can be biased if they are trained on incomplete data. This can create false predictions and vulnerabilities in security.

2. Lack of Transparency: artificial intelligence algorithms can be quite hard to interpret, making it difficult to find and fix errors.

3. Cybercriminals: Cybercriminals can use artificial intelligence to create automated attacks and avoid detection. This might lead to much more sophisticated and less detectable cyber attacks.

4. Dependency: too much dependence on artificial intelligence could potentially lead to complacent security teams, limiting their ability to identify and diffuse new threats.

5. Data Privacy: artificial intelligence requires massive amounts of data to function in an effective way, which could lead to privacy risks if that data is mishandled or ends up in the wrong hands.

The Power of Artificial Intelligence over Cybersecurity

Artificial intelligence has incredible potential to forever alter the world of cybersecurity by improving threat detection, accuracy, and automation. Alternatively, it can also pose risks, such as bias, lack of transparency, and dependency. To fully take advantage of the benefits of AI, businesses must be conscious of these risks and take the correct steps to mitigate them. This includes investing in artificial intelligence training data, introducing and implementing transparent algorithms, and introducing human oversight of artificial intelligence systems. By providing balance to the benefits and risks of artificial intelligence, businesses are able to not only improve their cybersecurity but also protect their networks and data from the newest threats.

The AI benefits trump the potential risks in Cybersecurity

The use of artificial intelligence in cybersecurity can offer numerous benefits, such as enhanced threat detection and faster incident response times. However, it is crucial to consider the potential risks, such as AI’s susceptibility to bias and the possibility of attackers using AI for their malicious purposes. As with any new technology, it is important to approach AI in cybersecurity with caution, constantly evaluate its effectiveness, and continually adapt to emerging threats. Ultimately, by using AI responsibly and ethically, we can create a safer digital world for everyone.

Do you have questions or concerns about AI, Cybersecurity, and your home or commercial security system? Talk to us. We answer the phone!

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