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How To Program Your Universal Remote The Easy Way!

How to Program your universal remote the easy way, Myrtle Beach!

Do You Have An Array of Remotes In Your Home?

Do you have multiple remotes for your Myrtle Beach home, including remotes for your

  • TVs
  • DVR
  • Cable Box
  • Stereo System
  • Blueray Player
  • Fans
  • Lights

If you are anything like our family (kids, pets, technology, Smart-home) you might REALLY be frustrated with all of these remotes. Instead of loving your Smart-home, dealing with a large number of remotes might leave you frustrated and feeling oh, maybe not so smart after all!

Owning multiple remotes and using them is tricky for even a smart person to figure out. Add in some small kids, an elderly (visiting) parent, an occasional babysitter, a house sitter and you’ve got a recipe for remote frustration and confusion for everyone in your home.

We know because at our house we used to have issues!

How To Program a universal remote | Myrtle Beach Security

Multiple Remote Issues

This is what happened to our many remotes that we used to own…

  • Remotes got lost in the house.
  • Remotes for different technology got mixed up.
  • Remotes took a lot of batteries. (and those are expensive!)
  • Remotes ran out of batteries at the most inopportune time.
  • Remotes broke (or let’s be honest; kids broke them).
  • Remotes got left on the floor for the dog to chew.

Or this…

So that’s what happens to the remote.

What if we told you we can solve ALL of these headaches for you with one purchase, because we did it for ourselves?

Oh, you want to know what we did?

We bought and programmed one Universal Remote to solve it all!

A Universal Remote Will Solve Your Multiple Remote Problems!

We at Strand Security know that having one universal remote saves time and frustration.

And we don’t know about you, but for us this ‘formula’ holds true, always: time = money

Now there is one issue that comes up each and every time we mention using a universal remote.

People say “Well that’s great for you that you are using one of those universal remotes but my (husband, friend, father, wife) doesn’t know how to set one up and I tried and couldn’t do it either!”

Here’s the scoop, we don’t just sell universal remotes;

Strand Security Will Program Your Universal Remote For You!

You read that right!

We not only sell

  • Harmony (our most popular one)
  • Savant
  • URC (universal Remote Control)

brand universal remotes, we also come and program them for you!

We don’t know about you, but that’s would be huge relief for us if we didn’t know how to do it: to have a professional, trained technician from Strand Security come and program this remote for us.

Harmony Remote Available from Strand Security in Myrtle Beach

Yes, we give demos.

Yes, you can try to do this yourself.

But WHY would you want to if we can do it

  • faster
  • better
  • right the first time


Do you want a universal remote for your home?

Contact Chuck at 843-318-6392 today – or stop by our showroom in Murrells Inlet for a demo and to find out more!

Call Strand Security in Myrtle Beach at 843-318-6392


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