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For the Love and Safety of Our Customers by Strand Security!

Strand Security Myrtle Beach Alarm Systems

We Are Strand Security in Murrells Inlet

We are Strand Security.

We offer home security systems as well as commercial security systems to homeowners and business owners on the Grand Strand, both in Horry County and Georgetown County.

Since it is February, the month of LOVE, we want to take a moment to love on our customers!

Strand Security Facebook Reviews

We are thrilled that we have received some wonderful reviews and feedback on our customer service via Facebook.
Click here to check out all our reviews.

This is what some of our customers are saying about us! ❤️?

“We switched to Strand Security at my workplace and in our home and have been very happy with the prompt service and the systems. Highly recommend them. We also saved money from ADT and now have personalized care from people who live in town that we can text or call with a question or issue.”


“I reached out to Strand Security after an attempted theft of my car tires and rims. Strand Security installed Arlo wireless security cameras at my home and they did a great job. The Strand Security technician was professional and thoroughly explained to me how the Arlo cameras worked. He patiently answered my questions as well. He had me check the position of the cameras to ensure they covered the area I was expecting. I feel more at peace already. Thank you Strand Security.”


“Very responsive! I really appreciate the great (and quick) service. Dealing with a local company and people who care truly gives me peace of mind. I only wish we had contacted Strand Security when we first installed our system. It would have saved a lot of stress! Glad we are with them now though – and I love our new system! Thank you Strand Security!”


Strand Security Google Reviews

We’ve been fortunate to also receive Google Reviews, which helps us get found on Google by new, potential customers.

Find our Google reviews here.

Or, go ahead and read these! ❤️?

“Best service hands down. No matter what time of day, or how many times I call, the owner answers and solves my problems. Not an employee, but the owner. Customer service is huge in this business and I cannot give a better recommendation than this. Switch today.”


“Professional from Start to Finish. Chuck was very helpful in helping us decide the security system that suited our needs. We are extremely satisfied with their pricing and customer service.”


“Love this company. Owner always helpful and gets back to you immediately. They cover my Hair Salon and my home security system.”

What We Love About Our Local Customers

Now it is our turn!

We love our customers.

You are

  • ❤️friendly
  • ?kind to our technicians
  • ❤️responsive
  • ?respectful of our time
  • ❤️curious and interested
  • ?a supporter of a local business
  • ❤️amazing!

We love working with you, and if you are reading this and you are NOT a part of our Strand family yet, what are you waiting for?

Strand Security Alarm Systems Myrtle Beach

Call Strand Security in Myrtle Beach at 843-318-6392

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