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Knock, Knock! Do You Know Who is at Your Door?

Home Alone and a Stranger Knocks at Your Door?

Knock, knock! Do you know who is at your door? Don't let strangers into your home before knowing who they are and what they want!

Being home alone and hearing an unexpected knock at your door can be creepy. Let’s be honest here, it would rattle me a bit! More times than not, it is someone you do not have to worry about. However, it is always better to play it safe. Do not open your door blindly! Statistics show that many burglars break in through the front door.

That is why at Strand Security of Myrtle Beach we suggest ‘proceed with caution’ when a stranger knocks at your door. The following are guidelines to help you when you have an unexpected, or unwanted, knock at your door.

Home Alone? Here Are a Few Suggestions to Keep in Mind


Take a look at the Stranger.

Try to get a look at who is knocking on your door. You may need to find a window in the house that makes your front door visible or use the peephole if you have one. You must have a way to see who is at the front door without opening it!

Keep Your Phone on You.

Have your phone visibly on you for the knocker to see. If a situation should occur you will have easy access to call 911.

Call Out to Someone in the House.

Can someone get the door?” or  “I’ll get it

Maybe you are alone but the knocking stranger does not have to know that! Make it evident that there are others in the house with you. This can deter any planned unwanted activities.

Do Not Ignore Them.

Sometimes the first reaction is to just ignore a stranger’s knock all together. However, in doing so, you are silently announcing that your house is empty and now is a good time to break in. So, it is better to say something no matter the time of day. A majority of break-ins occur during the day when people are thought to be at work.

Request Their Identity.

If a utility worker knocks at your door, ask for them to prove their identity with the company they work for. You can always call the subject’s company to check if they have sent someone to your house.

Do Not Share Information.

If you open your door and a stranger is asking you personal information, do not answer it. They may ask what hours you work, if you will be home tomorrow or about family members at the house. Do not answer questions like these.  Also, if they get pushy tell them to leave and that you will call the police.

Strangers may take advantage of you by saying they are in trouble, hurt or in need of help. As much as we all would like to help our fellow citizens, it may be a better choice to let them know you are calling 911 and help is on the way.

Knock, Knock. Do oyu know who is at your door?

Home Alone? Take Extra Precaution by Installing the Following Devices

Install a Door Chain

The purpose of a door chain is to allow you to communicate with someone without opening the door all the way. These can be used in conjunction with other locks on your door. Be aware that a door chain can be compromised. 

Install a Peephole

If you have no way to visually see your knocker, you should install a peephole. If you have to open a door to get a look, this may make you vulnerable.

Install an Intercom Speaker 

Two way communication is inexpensive and adequate way to speak with someone at your door, without having to open the door.   You can mount the intercom at the outside of the front door.

Install a Security Camera

Having a security camera at the front door allows you to see your knocker without having to open the door. It also deters burglars when they see a camera. Attach a sign to your house that indicates surveillance for an added bonus.

Get a Dog

Answer the door with your guard dog by your side. Click on this link,  TOP 10 GUARD DOGS and take a look at every burglars worst nightmare.

Not everyone has bad intentions toward you and your home, but it is important to take precaution when you are home alone.

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