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How Burglars Know You Have a Dog and Why They Care!

Owning a Dog Is A Deterrent For a Potential Burglar

How Burglars Know You Have a Dog and Why They Care

How is that for a bold statement?

It’s true!

“If I saw a sticker for a home security system, that would have been enough of a deterrent recalls London. “Once, we broke into a house and an alarm went off. We immediately turned around and just ran.” Stickers for a home security system are one trick; another is a trusty BEWARE OF DOGS posting. “Dogs certainly would have discouraged me from breaking in, even though I knew my way around dogs,” points out London. If you happen to love dogs and can afford a home surveillance system, by all means go for it! But if you’re allergic or cash is tight, fake it with signs. Dummy surveillance cameras enhance the illusion and are not difficult to put up.


Read the full interview with this former burglar here.

How You Can Let a Potential Burglar Know You Have a Dog

Burglars do not like dogs! Myrtle Beach Alarm Systems

There are several ways you can show anyone ‘casing’ your home that you have a dog!

1. ‘Beware of Dog’ Sign

This is an easy one and of course you do not not have to own a dog to put up a sig like that!

2. Barking Sound

Most dogs will ‘alert’ to anyone coming on their property uninvited. Leaving your dog at home during the day – when most break-ins happen – should deter any potential burglar. If you do not have a dog, you could invest in a sound machine that replicates the sound of dogs barking to go off when someone triggers the device by stepping too close to your home when you aren’t around. That should also make someone think twice about breaking in!

3. Dog Toys

Nothing quite screams ‘a dog lives here’ like a few random dog chew toys scattered in your front and back yard!

4. Fence and/or Dog Lead

A fenced back yard with dog chew toys, and a water bowl certainly will deter a burglar. The same goes for a dog lead in the back or front yard with a water bowl nearby!

A Burglar Does Not Like To Encounter Dogs, S/he Wants To Avoid Dogs!

Why is this? Dogs are ‘complications, distractions and hazards’.
The goal of any burglar is to enter a home undetected and to get out with their ‘prize’ as quickly and as quietly as possible!

Dogs foil those plans…

  • Dogs in a home make it harder to enter
  • Dogs in a home make it harder to stay undetected
  • Dogs in a home make it harder to walk around and burglarize


A Burglar Will Avoid a Home With a Dog

Confessions and secrets from a real burglar

“The two things I hate most: Loud dogs and nosy neighbors.”



We aren’t telling you to get a dog.

Pretending there’s a dog in the home should deter a burglar as well.

However, if you’ve been thinking about getting a dog, check out these cute videos of dogs caught on (security) cameras while their owners were at work!

Your dog could be the next internet star…;)

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