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Why You Need HD Cameras For Your Business and Home!

Why you need HD cameras for your business and home in Myrtle Beach!

What is an HD Camera?

An HD camera, of High Def Camera as they are also called, sounds fancy but what is it, really?

“HD is a type of megapixel camera.  All HD cameras are megapixel but not all megapixel cameras are HD.”

These cameras are slowly replacing the older SD cameras many people still have.

We found this article that explains it really well and instead of pulling out quotes, we recommend you read it in its entirety if you are interested in knowing the difference between an HD camera and a megapixel camera.

Why Do I Need Security Cameras?

This is a loaded question!
We want you to be safe” is the standard answer but there is so much more to having security cameras than safety in your place of business and your home!

In ‘5 reasons why security cameras rock‘ we touched on the following 5 reasons.

» Signs of installed system deters would-be thieves

» Sound of active system deters would-be thieves

» Almost instant notification of authorities when needed

» Peace of mind knowing help is on the way

» Your home and/or business is protected and monitored even when you aren’t there

In ‘How to protect you home while you travel the world‘ we touched om installing security cameras wired into your security system to get a live feed of your home or business while you are away!

In ‘Don’t become a victim of holiday package thieves‘ we explore how security cameras capture crime and criminals in the act, in real time or on tape, aiding the police in capture of the criminals.

In ‘A mandatory evacuation leaves your home unattended, or does it?‘ we point out that security cameras can be your eyes and ears on your home and business when you are forced out of your home.  Whether you neighborhood is evacuated due to a bomb threat, fire or a natural disaster, with security cameras in place you’d be able to check in on your home in real time!

Last but not least let us look at ‘3 ways camera surveillance protects your small business‘.

  1. Monitor customers – This is especially true if you own a store, showroom or restaurant. By having cameras installed, not only can you monitor your customers’ behavior (theft prevention), you can also protect yourself from any (potential) lawsuits by having video proof of unfortunate events, if that ever were to happen.
  2. Monitor staff – The same way your use cameras to monitor your customers, you can also use surveillance cameras to monitor your own staff! In a town like Myrtle Beach, there are a lot of seasonal jobs available. Many small business owners rely on seasonal staff who might just be looking for short-term employment. It will be imperative to monitor newly hired recruits for theft and proper, professional conduct. If you suspect an employee of theft, surveillance tapes can offer the proof to help prosecute and convict them.
  3. Monitor your property – We know business owners need sleep. You can’t be at your place of business 24/7, even if you live where you work, you still need to meet with suppliers, customers and go out every once in a while. With installed cameras, you can monitor from afar and see happens when you aren’t there. Lots of things can happen and do. Break-ins, fires, vandalism, and more.

What Can An HD Camera Do For You?

Let’s look a this quote:

In the correct application HD and megapixel cameras can be of great advantage as well as cost effective. Because of the pixel density in this technology it is possible to look at large areas while maintaining the detail that would require multiple SD cameras. This pixel density can allow the ability to zoom into the scene live or for forensic review, giving the system greater flexibility and performance. How much you can zoom into the scene is determined by the area being viewed and the pixel density.

Now let’s look at the application

To illustrate this, consider the application of wanting to view license plates within a scene. This typically requires 50 pixels per horizontal foot for a clear, readable image. With a SD camera the largest viewable area that maintains 50 pixels per foot is 10 ft. wide. Compare that with a 1.3MP or 720p camera at 25 ft., a 2MP or 1080p at 30 ft., 41 ft. with a 3MP and 51 ft. with a 5MP. In this example it is possible to replace as many as five SD cameras with one megapixel camera.  Not only is this a savings on cameras but also cable, labor and any accessories needed for the camera installation. Instead of five cable pulls there is one — and only one time up the ladder, one camera to focus, one camera to maintain. The savings can add up quickly.

HD Camera Installation in Myrtle Beach! Security Cameras

Installing HD Cameras Saves You Money!

There you have it!

Besides being able to get a clearer image off of the footage, replacing (or installing) SD security cameras with HD cameras saves you money because you need fewer cameras to do the same job and that also means you save money on installation, maintenance and up keep!

Talk to Chuck at Strand Security today to get yours installed!

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