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11 Awesome Safety Tips For The Best Halloween Ever


Trick or Treating anyone?

Of course you will be taking your kids out on October 31 to go trick or treating! If you have young children, you’ve already discussed costumes and props, parties and treats, trick or treating and more, are we right?

Halloween is an exciting day!

Since Halloween falls on a Monday this year, we’ve already seen many local Myrtle Beach businesses advertise ‘trunk or treat’ events the weekend prior to Halloween.

For example, The Fun Warehouse is a great and SAFE PLACE to take your little ones before Halloween to get free candy! Which child doesn’t love to go trick or treating TWICE?

Check out this Trunk or Treat event in Myrtle Beach at the Fun Warehouse on October 27.
Check out their Facebook Page for information about their Trunk or Treat event which will be held October 27 form 5 PM – 9 PM.

Trick or Treat Safety 101

As fun (and safe) a Trunk or Treat Event is, taking your child out to go Trick or Treating in your neighborhood is of course the ultimate goal. Before you head out this year, take a few minutes to go over the following Halloween Safety Tips to keep your littles safe AND happy!

Here are …

11 Awesome Safety Tips For The Best Halloween Ever

(Feel free to share these Halloween Safety Tips with your friends! Let’s keep all kids safe this Halloween.)

1. Wear Short Costumes

When costumes are too long, kids will trip over them. Older children will try to hold up their long costumes which will take away from their  fun. We suggest hemming a costume that’s too long, using needle and thread, or even duct tape!

2. Wear Reflective Costumes

It’s amazing home many parents take their kids out trick or treating – in cars! Make sure your child is seen by those who drive around your neighborhood in the dark. Add reflective tape or buy (cheap) reflective arm bands and necklaces in the dollar store.

3. Avoid Masks

As exciting and fun it is to wear a mask at home, they become sweaty and cumbersome really fast when trick or treating. They also impact your child’s vision and thus are a hazard to be avoided during trick or treating. Save the mask for an indoor party!

4. Wear Comfy Shoes
Your child should be wearing their own, daily shoes if at all possible. Save the shiny and fun costume boots or high heels for the indoor party and let them walk around in comfy shoes while trick or treating.

5. Test The Halloween Make-Up!

This tip is both for the parents – so parent can test their application skills as well as for the child to make sure they can handle the make-up and aren’t allergic to it! Do a ‘dry-run’ the week before the big day – it might save you and your child from a Halloween melt down!

6. Your Child Should Only have Soft & Flexible Props

Kids will be kids and they will handle a sword, a wand, a toy gun as if they are real! Make sure these props are appropriate, soft and flexible so they do not hurt your child, or another child while walking around.

7. Bring A Flashlight

Candy might drop, you might have to re-tie a shoe, you are walking through yards and up sidewalks; you need a flashlight to see as well as be seen.

8. Plan Your Route

Especially if you have little ones, plan your route carefully. The excitement of the night might have prevented a nap earlier in the day and will most likely affect your ability to stay out hours and hours.

9. Have a Backup Plan

If your child is under the age of 5, we suggest bringing a stroller or wagon as a back-up mode of transportation home. Many little feet get weary an tired after walking around at night and if you have more than one chid, carrying them home will be an issue.

10. Bring a Snack & Water

You’ve already told your child not to eat the candy. So make sure you bring a snack for them and a bottle of water – they will get thirsty from all the walking.

11. Check The Candy

Always, always check your child’s candy before allowing them to eat any.


Share These Halloween Safety Tips!

We’d love for you to share these awesome Halloween Safety Tips with as many parents as possible. From experience we know that on Halloween kids are excited and can become stressed and parents might be stressed and loose patience.

Therefore, preparing and planning the best you can will eliminate many worries and potential disasters on Halloween night!

Halloween Safety Tips for Parents - Take your child Trick or Treating Safely - Infographic

Family Safety Starts With A Plan!

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