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3 Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Outdoor Summer Family Fun!

3 unique father's day gift ideas for outdoor summer family fun

Who Doesn’t Love to Hang Out With Dad in the Summer, Outside?

We at Strand Security are so very lucky to live near the beach! Our summer starts early and lasts… well, until we say it’s over!

The Myrtle Beach (and Grand Strand) area is a great place to play outdoors and by ‘play’ we mean play in the water, sand and more water!

Pools, beaches and rivers a-plenty and there’s not much stopping us from enjoying the outdoors with Dad besides the number of toys we have! Or is there?

If your Dad already all the fishing equipment, hunting gear and boating toys he needs, what will you get him for Father’s Day this year?

Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day gifts are a great way to start your summer off with some fun new toys and experiences the whole family can enjoy! Why not give the gift of family fun  – hey, if you want to buy that cologne for Dad, or that special tie, we are sure he’d appreciate that, too – to create lasting memories!

So when we start thinking about family fun and Father’s Day gifts, summer outdoor fun and family time, we come back to the same few ideas!

Our first (and best) idea this:

1. Get Dad the Gift of Outdoor Music with SONOS Speakers!

Did you know that SONOS wireless speakers can be placed anywhere and that by using our app Dad will be able to play all his music?

Well, if you have an outdoor living area, or a pool area, why not stream your favorite music right to where the fun is? Give Dad a SONOS speaker this year for Father’s Day.

Then plan a party and dance, swim and eat with music – it makes every experience better and memories last longer!

What to get Dad for Father's Day!

2. Outdoor Toys for Fun Time with Dad

Our next idea is to give Dad some outdoor toys of his own – but toys that are only fun to play with if his family gets involved. So here is a list of gifts Dad would appreciate – but he’d need your help to play with.

  • volleyball net and ball
  • kite
  • soccer ball and goal
  • two tennis racquets and a sleeve of balls
  • corn hole set

3. Give Dad the Gift of Time Spend With Family

The last Father’s Day gift idea we have is to find ‘experiences’ in your area; fun outings you just haven’t taken the time to do. Here are some ideas we found in the Myrtle Beach and South Carolina area.

Dad will appreciate and love any gift given to him. He will.

But… and there is a but!

He will remember what was given to him if it created lasting, precious memories!

How Will You Treat Dad This Father’s Day?

Now it’s up to you to treat Dad well.

Make him breakfast in bed.

Spend some time with him.

…and promise to help him enjoy his new toys and upcoming outings!


13 Simple Self-Defense Tips That Could Save Your Life!

13 simple self defense moves that could save your life

Have You Ever Been Attacked?

Hopefully, you have not, and we hope no one who reads this will ever need these tips!

However, when it comes to self defense, we’d much rather have you be prepared than not! Self-defense is something that everyone (male or female) should know. It’s easy to walk around and think nothing will ever happen to you, but the sad reality is that things do happen. You can easily be caught off-guard anywhere you go, so knowing a few moves to fight off an attacker is really important.

With these simple self-defense strategies in the back of your mind, you’ll be more prepared to react quickly with control and power. BONUS – You’re much less likely to be targeted with all that confidence!

 13 Simple Self-Defense Tips You Need To Know!

  1. Be aware of your surroundings. Don’t walk through dark parking lots focused on your cell phone. Be aware of what’s going on around you to respond more quickly.
  2. If you suspect that you’re being followed, head to a public place. Once you’re inside a store or restaurant, tell the manager what’s happening so that you have someone who understands the situation.
  3. Use apps to keep you safe! ‘StaySafe’ allows you to enter your route and expected arrival time, and alerts emergency contacts when you don’t arrive in time. ‘My Panic Alarm’ makes your phone flash and emit a loud sound at the touch of a button!
  4. Carrying around pepper spray can be extremely helpful, but it doesn’t do any good if it’s in your purse! Keep it readily available.
  5. Instead of using a whistle, scream words like STOP, GET BACK, ATTACKER and 911. These are more likely to create a sense of urgency.
  6. Have your keys ready as soon as you approach your car or house. Right when you walk inside your home, lock the doors. Don’t hold your keys between your fingers like a weapon. The keys will just jam back into your hand upon impact.
  7. If you happen to be in an elevator, press the button for the next floor. Don’t press the emergency button – it will stop the elevator!
  8. If you’re with your kids, explain to them that at your command, they need to get behind you quickly and stay put. Having this conversation doesn’t have to be scary! If the kids are pretty small, you can even make a game out of preparation.
  9. Be willing to give up your wallet, but be smart. Toss it a few feet away from the attacker and take advantage of the opportunity to run!
  10. Put your cell phones down! You should never walk and text, put your phone in your hand or your purse and be aware of your surroundings. Use your phone while sitting at a bench, in a restaurant or in your car. Nothing is that important for you to sacrifice your safety.
  11. If it comes down to it, you may have to make a move. Try to stay on your feet for the best opportunity. Strike quickly and get away. Use your elbows, kick and knees and strike hard! Go for a vulnerable location, like eyes, nose, groin, or knees.
  12. Don’t go it alone. When going to unfamiliar places, ask someone to go along with you. Night time and being alone are a bad combination.
  13. Take as many self-defense classes as you can and practice those techniques often!


Want to know how knowing self defense saved a local Myrtle Beach woman’s life?

Here is her story as told to WPDE News 15.

Contact Strand Security today



5 Hot Summer Security Tips To Keep You Safe While Having Fun

5 hot summer security tips to keep you safe while having fun

Hot Summer Security Tips!

Summer season is upon us; summer vacations have been planned and fun trips are booked.

Maybe… you are traveling to Myrtle Beach? Maybe you live here in Myrtle Beach or on the Grand Strand?

While you are patiently waiting for the day to arrive that you can leave, burglars are also patiently waiting! They are waiting for homeowners like you to make simple mistakes that give them the opportunity to burglarize your home while you are away.

Did you know that over 2 million homes are broken into each year in the USA? Did you know that a large chunk of those home invasions happen during the summer months of June, July and August?

Here are five simple tips to keep your family, your home  and your business safe and secure while you are away this summer.

Remember; don’t be a victim. Prepare!

5 hot summer security to keep you safe while having fun

1. Set Your Security Alarm Before You Go On Your Trip

This might be a very simple tip but you’d be surprised how many homeowners do not do this! Sometime they leave the house accessible to a cleaning crew or a petsitter and don’t want to ‘bother’ training these people on their security system. Big mistake. If you have a system, this will be your BEST BET to prevent or catch someone who has the intent to burglarize your home!

2. Lock Up Your Home, Including Your Doors and Windows

Do you have a garage back door or side door? Do you have a sliding door, a doggie door, windows on the ground floor? I bet there are many more access points to the interior of your home than you thought! Please, before you leave, secure ALL DOORS and ALL WINDOWS. It’s an easy task and should be on your ‘to-do-before-I-leave-list’ each time you leave for an extended period of time!

3. Hold Your Mail. Hold Your NewsPaper. Stop Deliveries.

Do you have monthly deliveries? Do you still get the newspaper delivered? How about your mail? If you are leaving for an extended period of time and you do NOT have a house sitter or pet sitter, you need to make arrangements to STOP ALL DELIVERIES for the period you are away. Don’t order anything online the week prior to your trip either!

4. Consider Hiring a House Sitter or Pet Sitter.

House sitters (and pet sitters) do more than just ‘sit’. Their presence give a potential burglar the right signals to move on and go somewhere else, because most burglars do not want to burglarize a home where someone is home; they most often target empty homes! Activity at your home from a pet sitter or house sitter will deter a potential break-in.

5. Hold Your Pictures! Don’t Post To Social Media.

Smart and savvy burglars will use social media sites to ‘case’ your home and activity. Friends of friends of friends (a burglar!) can and will see your posts if your security settings aren’t closed tight. They will see you check-in to hotels, have fun on the beach, see your airport check-in and more. If you have no one at your home, we highly recommend refraining from posting anything about your trip until AFTER you’ve returned!

Now that you know how to prevent summer disasters, go have fun under the sun and call us to get a security system installed if you do not have one!

Contact Strand Security today


A Warning and an Offer to Help After an Armed Robbery – Strand In The News!

Strand Security in the News! A warning and and offer to help the Myrtle Beach Community

Strand Security In The News!

Just in case you missed it…

Strand Security made the local news (as in – we were on TV!) last Wednesday May 4, 2016 when Erin MacPherson of WPDE News 15 came out for an interview with Heather of Strand Security!

Here is the video that is posted to their website!

Heather’s Story of Surviving an Armed Robbery

Heather Bryant of Strand Security was held at gunpoint but fought back, fought free and survived.

Years later, after years of therapy as she tell it in the TV interview, she is still fighting, but this time it’s YOUR LIFE she is fighting for.

Self-Defense Knowledge Helped Save Her Life

Heather credits her survival to knowing a bit of martial arts and taking a self-defense class way back in high school. Lessons she’d learned a long time ago came back and helped her when she needed it most.

She now is on a mission to bring self-defense to anyone who wants to learn.

She’s teamed up with a local Myrtle Beach martial arts expert Amos Collins to bring self classes to the Grand Strand community!

The first class will take place on Saturday May 21, and sign up for the June class is already in motion as well.

Who are these self-defense classes for?

This self-defense class is for everyone, but check out 7 People In Your Life Who Need To Know Self-Defense if you THINK you don’t know anyone who could use this 3 hour self-defense seminar!

We’d love to see you along with your neighbor, friend, colleague, family, or teenager!

Sign up for the self-defense class right here!

Register for the self-defense class in Myrtle Beach by clicking here

Did we mention yet that this class is FREE for any residential or commercial customers of Strand Security?
Yes it is!

We want all of our customers to be safe and secure.



7 People In Your Life Who Need To Know Self-Defense

7 people in your life who need to know self defense

Prepare for the Unexpected!

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you felt uncomfortable, or scared? Someone might have been approaching you and you just weren’t sure what to do or how to handle it?

What if that happened and you were with a loved one? How about with a young child, your teenager or your aging parent?

Wouldn’t you want to protect them?

Protect Those You Love But Above All, Know How Protect Yourself!

If you’ve ever flown in an airplane you know the emergency drill; in case of emergency, always put on your own oxygen mask first, before helping those sitting near you, because what good are you to anyone if you can’t breathe yourself!

The same is true for personal safety.

How can you protect your small child, your teenager, your spouse or your aging parent, if you don’t know how to take care of yourself in a hairy (and scary) situation?

Learn Self Defense!

We highly recommend everyone take a self-defense class at some point in their life, preferably BEFORE they are attacked!

This is personal to us; read Heather’s Story here.

So who really should be taking a self-defense class? 

7 People In Your Life Who Need To Know Self-Defense

7 People In Your Life Who Need To Know Self-Defense

Here they are, along with the reasons why they are more vulnerable than other people.

Self-Defense for Teenagers

Teenagers think they are invincible. They are often very self-centered and do not look around in crowds. They need to know self-defense as they start to spend more time away from their parents, coaches and the adults in their life. They are embarking one new adventures and they need to become self-reliant. Knowing some basic self-defense moves is an important step!

Self-Defense for Elderly Parents

Elderly people are often victims of robberies in parking lots and home burglaries. Knowing self-defense moves can help someone survive and fight back when needed. Just knowing basics do’s and don’ts and a move or two will have them be more confident if ever confronted with a bad situation.

Self-Defense for Single Friends Who Live Alone

Many burglaries and attacks are premeditated. Someone living alone is an easy target for someone looking for an easy victim. Just for that reason alone, you should encourage your single friend(s) to take a basic self-defense class. Better be safe than sorry!

Self-Defense for Your Running Buddy

If you know someone who likes to run (or bike) on their own, especially early in the morning, please encourage them to take a self-defense class. Other precautions include to never run with headphones and run with a friend whenever possible.

Self-Defense for New Drivers

Have you ever thought about the freedom a new driver has? We don’t mean the freedom to drive anywhere they want, but the freedom to drive anywhere they want, alone!  Many new drivers venture out to the mall alone for the first time, to the movies to meet a friend, or to the grocery store. Whereas before they were driven so they would arrive in a pack of two (or three or more) a new driver is alone, often for the first time ever! Easy target…!

Self-Defense for College Students

Sending your teenager off to college is stressful. Worrying about their safety daily can break you. Please, if you know a college student, encourage them to learn self-defense! You’ll sleep better and they will be much better off in case an attack happens.

Self-Defense for Yourself

If you’ve been busy thinking about who should be taking up self-defense, do not forget about yourself! You can not ever help someone else if you do not know how to react in case of an emergency yourself.

Learn what to do, what not to do, how to fight, how to run, how to attract attention and more. 

Are you ready? 
Are you in the Myrtle Beach area?

Sign up here!

Contact Strand Security today

…and if you’d like a home security system installed, don’t forget to give us a call.


It Happened To Me: How I Survived an Armed Robbery

It happend to me: How I survived and armed robbery.

I Am a Survivor

My name name is Heather Bryant and my husband and I own Strand Security, a residential and commercial security alarm systems company. I’m blessed to work with an amazing team and we appreciate our many loyal customers from Maryland to Hilton Head, South Carolina (and everywhere in between).

I want to share with you my very personal story about an armed robbery, in hope of bringing awareness to the importance of security and self-defense. It has taken me almost six years to get to this point – being able to tell my story without breaking down. I know it’s time to share it with you though, so that even if only ONE person can learn enough to survive an armed attack, it’s all worth it.

A Request For Safety At Work: Denied.

Approximately six years ago, I was a manager at a glass front boutique in a metropolitan city. It was a corporate-owned store. As a manager, I was responsible for my employees as we often worked in shifts, all alone in the store. I felt responsible for their safety. I approached corporate to request security cameras and a panic button for the safety of my employees and myself, but there was a lot of red tape. I even suggested that my husband’s alarm company (in Maryland at the time) would donate security cameras and an alarm system with a panic button.

Please note: I didn’t go to corporate on a whim. I requested these systems for one important reason. There had been recent armed robberies in our area, one at a jewelry store only two doors down from my boutique. I felt unsafe at work.

My requests for an alarm system, security cameras and a panic button were denied.

An Armed Robbery Gone Very Bad

Then one day, shortly after 5:20 PM, a man walked in my store and put a gun to my chest, demanding money.

I explained I had to place my fingerprint on the register to actually open it. Ironically, corporate had a fancy fingerprint reader to keep track of employees, but no button to protect employees in the event of an armed robbery. The attacker thought it was a panic button. Oh, I could only wish!

It took me a while to convince him that the only way I could give him money was to put my finger on the device. He finally allowed me to place my finger on the reader. I bagged up the cash and rolled coins for my attacker. I put all the money in a carrying bag and handed it over to him.

I remember thinking ‘he’s going to leave now’ as it was still daylight.

I Never Gave Up.

He didn’t leave.

He told me to shut my mouth, cursed at me. He told me I was going to go back into the stock room. At this point, I pretended to go along with his crazy idea. I had no idea how to get out of this situation and only had a few seconds to think of something.

One thing that came to mind was I would rather be shot in the store where anyone walking by may see me versus back in a tiny stock room with no windows or doors, no way to escape. I was not going in that stock room with this man and his gun. Period.

I Kept On Fighting

I acted like I was going to open the stock room door. I knew he would have to take the gun off of my chest at that moment. As he removed the gun while I pretended to open the stockroom, I threw a wood and metal display case over his head.

He dropped to his knees.

Money scattered all over the floor.

The gun was no longer in his hand.

My attacker was now furious with me. I fought with everything I had in me. I hoped that if I could just make it to the middle of my store, someone would see us. I kept fighting for my life.

How I Survived

It seemed like forever but finally I made it to the middle of the store. At this point, my attacker wasn’t stopping but neither was I.

My savior was a deaf woman who peered in through the window of my store and spooked my attacker as she knocked on the glass. Turns out she’d felt the vibrations of the shelves being knocked down and the shuffle that ensued. My attacker grabbed his gun from the floor, left the money and told me he would be back for me as he ran out the door.

The police were able to gather enough evidence to make an arrest. He served time.

I know with my all heart that knowing and using self-defense helped me survive this attack. I also give thanks to God for sending the deaf woman to my aid that day.

Protect Those In Your Care Today

Protect those in your care, but first things first.

• Learn to protect yourself.
• Take a self-defense class.
• Know what to do when you are attacked.

Once you know how to survive, you can help protect your loved ones.

Employers; It’s your responsibility to make sure you are doing your best to protect your employees. We at Strand Security will help you with this!

Employees; It’s your responsibility to make sure you’re doing your part; take a self-defense class.

Take a self-defense class this year! Available to anyone in our Myrtle Beach community


I would be lying if I said this attack still doesn’t haunt me. I had a great therapist help me work through this. Crowds and loud noises don’t bother me as much.


I’m not afraid anymore because I refuse to live in fear. I am resolved to share my story of survival to help others survive.


I am now helping others be safe. I’m an advocate in our community for security in businesses and Strand Security has teamed up with a local martial art expert to teach a self-defense class to anyone in our community who wants to learn.

Thanks for reading.

PS If you have a personal survival story too and want to share, or if you would like to talk to me personally about your experience, please use this email address
Register for the self-defense class in Myrtle Beach by clicking here

Learn Self-Defense in Myrtle Beach

Learn self-defense in Myrtle Beach and keep yourself and your loved ones safe!

Do You Know How To Protect Yourself?

If someone were to try to snatch your purse, what would you do?

If someone were to follow you to your car in a dark parking lot, what would you do?

If someone entered your car to carjack you, what would you do?

If someone grabbed you from behind, what would you do?

If someone were to point a gun at you, what would you do?


These are all scary scenarios, right?

Here’s the thing: You can not prevent all crime from happening, but you can prepare yourself in case an emergency situation arises. The best way to protect yourself is to educate yourself on what to do if you are attacked! There are definite do’s and don’ts and you need to know what moves can save your life!

Interested yet? We hope you are! 

We are excited to offer the following opportunity to our Myrtle Beach community.

Strand Security Gives Back to the Myrtle Beach Community!

We are all about safety, security and giving back to our community. Therefore, we have partnered up with a Martial Art Expert to bring you and the Myrtle Beach community a self-defense class!

This self-defense class is completely free to anyone who is a Strand Security residential or commercial customer; we care about our customers! If you are not a customer (yet), we’d still love to have your participate; we want everyone in our Myrtle Beach community to have access to this great training if they desire to learn and have a desire to be able to protect themselves. We ask for a contribution of $39/pp if you are not our customer.

We Teamed Up With a Martial Art Expert To Teach You Self-Defense!

Meet Amos, your instructor.

Amos, martial art expert, who will be your instructor in your self-defense class in Myrtle Beach!

My name is Amos Moses Collins. Health and Fitness is my passion. I am a martial arts enthusiast!
I have a purple belt in Brazilian Juijitsu??
I am a Mexican style  Boxing coach??
I have trained American Kickboxing?? for 15 years and instruct in kickboxing.
I have also been wrestling since I was a freshman in high school, and coaching wrestling off and on over the past 15 years. I have three professional boxing fights, 13 amateur cage fights and 9 professional cage fights.
I am a certified professional and personal trainer. I have been certified in speed and agility. I have been in the Health Promotions field over 16 years.  My goal and passion is to help people in every way teaching them health and fitness and selfdefense instruction! I am currently employed at the Fitness Zone in Little River, I also do some contracted training at True Personal Training at Lifequest.  I also do some free lance training with individuals all over the Myrtle Beach area!

I am truly interested in helping all of us be more safe in today’s society. Out of all the training I do my favorite is the TAEKWONDO?? training I do with kids. I teach at the Carolina Forest Recreation Center. My goals in life is to live a happy healthy violence free life! I have achieved this through martial arts training and will be a true martial artist for LIFE! I look forward to meeting all of you very soon!

You are in for a treat when you meet Amos during this self-defense class; you’ll be learning from the best!

Details of the Self-Defense Class on May 21, 2016 in Myrtle Beach

Learn how to defend yourself! Sign up for the Strand Security Self-Defense Class in Myrtle Beach on May 21, 2016

You may email us with questions, or sign up using this link!

Sign up for our self-defense class in Myrtle Beach!

Do Your Daughter, Sister, Mother and Friend Know How To Protect Themselves?

So grab a friend, mark your calendar, sign up and plan to come join us for this self-defense class!

Do you have a daughter of son who just got a driver’s license? Sign them up!
Do you have a teen going off to college? They need this class!
Do you worry about your relative living alone? Bring them!

Contact Strand Security today

Stay safe!
Chuck and Heather Bryant


Apple Music on Sonos Speakers

Sonos And Apple Join Forces

Apple Music on SONOS Speakers

There is a new way to listen to your favorite songs on your Sonos sound system! Sonos has the competitive edge with Apple Music! At least 6.5 million people use it and now with Apple Music integration, you will have more options for music. What better way to listen to that music than on your Sonos multi-room audio system!

We at Strand Security have introduced Sonos to you before. We have also invited you to come experience the audio system first hand in our state of the art showroom. Now, if you have missed out on our introduction in the past, we are going to review Sonos again. Because this product is the best, we can’t help it. 😉



Sonos are powered speakers that can stream music anywhere in your house. The speakers can be located in as many different zones in the house as you want, and can play the same music across all zones, or different music in different zones. How cool it that. Many business owners use Sonos speakers in their establishments such as restaurants and retail stores!

Sonos makes a variety of sizes that can compliment any area you prefer.

The speakers are wireless and transport clear and polished HiFi sound.

The speaker system can stream music from your personal music library or from your favorite music services, which now includes Apple music!

You can use the Sonos app on your PC, tablet or smartphone to control the music. The Sonos app allows you to explore, play, and control music, to your preference!

Sonos has the most diverse speakers and is the most sophisticated music streaming system.

Visit Strand Security of Myrtle Beach to get a live look at how Sonos works.

Sonos was featured as a product of the month in our showroom!

Now that we have reintroduced Sonos, lets discuss Apple music…

Apple Music on SONOS speakers - COme

Apple Music

Apple Music is a new streaming music service. Instead of downloading music, you can now stream music with Apple. Similar to competitors like Pandora, you’ve heard of them, right?

Some might have been worried that they would have to change out their Sonos speakers for some Apple friendly audio streaming systems. But, no worries now! By the end of 2015 Sonos devices started streaming and playing Apple Music.

“For Apple Music Members, the collection you own and love is just the beginning. Now you can also listen to the tens of millions of tracks in the Apple Music library. Our dedicated team of experts is here to help you find new music to love. Enjoy recommendations handpicked just for you or explore everything they find that’s new and noteworthy in the world of music. It’s all yours.” 

For more information on Apple Music, click here.

For help setting up Apple Music, use the following steps…

  • Open the Sonos app
  • Click on “Settings” then “Advanced Settings”
  • Click “Beta Program”
  • Click “Join the Beta Program”
  • Update the Sonos system
  • Add Apple Music from the “Add Music Services” menu

Now that you can stream the best songs with Apple Music on your Sonos speakers, why not show off a little! With the Super Bowl quickly approaching, your sound system would help you throw the tailgate party of the century! 



Security Alarm System Give Away

Strand Security Gives Back

What better season for the gift of giving? Strand Security loves Myrtle Beach, the Grand Strand and our friend in Maryland! That is why we want to give back and help keep our community safe!

 With the Christmas season upon us, we are giving away three FREE security alarm systems in the month of December! The most exciting part?

We are giving away THREE security alarm systems! Nominate someone today!

We will pick the winners by your nominations.

To nominate someone that is deserving of a free security alarm system, click the nominate button!

security alarm system giveaway myrtle beach

You can nominate one person for the give away, or ten! Let us know why your person deserves a system, how you know your nominee, and how to contact you if you nominee wins.

Nominations will be accepted for residents of Maryland, as well as Horry and Georgetown Counties in SC.

Protect Yourself With Strand Security’s Give Away

“Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there;
The children were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of sugar plums danced in their heads,
And Mama in her ‘kerchief, and I in my cap,
Had just settled our brains for a long winter’s nap-
When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter.”

We all know how this favorite Christmas poem ends. But what if you arose to such a clatter and instead of our beloved Santa, it was a burglar wanting to take your gifts while breaking in with a ladder.

Crimes such as burglaries and theft rise as a result of people’s increased financial needs during the holidays. Nearly 400,000 burglaries happen in the U.S. during the months of November and December, according to the FBI. Motives related to thefts in terms of financial need may be a result of wanting to be able to provide gifts and food for their family during the holiday season. 

Strand Security would like to provide you with a few key points on protecting your house during the holidays.

10 Tips For Protecting Your House At Christmas

  1.  Display holiday gifts and valuables away from windows. Burglars are looking for gifts under the trees! Do not leave empty gift boxes on the curb for pickup.
  2. Keep some lights on (best to use timers or motion sensitive lights) to make it appear as if someone is home.
  3. Install a security system and advertise the fact that you have one.
  4. Install security camerasIf you are lucky, maybe you will get some footage of Santa and his reindeer. 
  5. Leave the tv or stereo on while gone. Play your favorite Christmas classic How The Grinch Stole Christmas.
  6. Keep the garage door closed and locked.
  7. Add stoppers to the windows and deadbolt locks to the doors.
  8. Do not make it obvious if you are going to be traveling during the holidays. This includes not announcing your plans on social media!
  9. Do not allow for mail and newspapers to build up.
  10. Keep shrubs and trees trimmed back to prevent hiding spots.

Now that Strand Security has given you some tips for protecting your home from a grinch, take the next step and nominate a friend (or yourself) for a FREE security alarm system!

security alarm system giveaway myrtle beach


10 Simple Ways To Prevent a Burglary in Your Home

The breakdown on break-ins!

The Breakdown on Break-Ins

No one wants to come home to find their home turned upside down and their valuable possessions missing. Even if you live in a community with a fairly low crime rate, there will always be a chance that burglars may hit your neighborhood and hit your home.

According to Neighborhoodscout’s, Myrtle Beach is ranked 12th on a list of 100 of the the most dangerous cities in the United States.  To look at the statistics, click here to compare violent crimes and property crimes in Myrtle Beach with the rest of South Carolina.

At Strand Security we want our community safe and that means we want you, our blog readers and our Facebook Fans and our customers to be safe! That is why we are going to give you the breakdown on break-ins. The following will discuss burglary statistics, who the typical burglar is, when and how break- ins occur, why homes are targeted, and what burglars are looking for.

Burglary Statistic Breakdown

  • Every 13 seconds a home invasion occurs.
  • 2.5 million burglaries are committed each year.
  • 30 percent of all break-ins are through an unlocked door or open window.
  • 8 to 12 minutes is the average time spent in a house by a burglar.
  • Only 17 percent of homes have a security system.

The Breakdown On The Typical Burglar

The typical burglar may not exactly look like the boogie man. They may look like a salesman, a utility worker, or maybe someone you might invite in for tea.  Lets take a look at the typical burglar

  • Perpetrators are on average a typical white male, and under the age of 25.
  • Burglars typically live within a couple of miles of your home. They live near the intended victim because they know the area and will not have far to travel.
  • While a burglar is most likely to have other offenses and has previously been arrested, they are generally non-violent and do not carry a weapon.

The Breakdown on When and How Burglaries Occur

  • Most burglaries occur between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. when occupants are at school or work.
  • July and August are the more frequent months for break-ins.
  • Close to 50 percent break-in through the front or back door.
  • First stop is typically the master bedroom where a majority of people keep their valuables.

The Breakdown on Targeted Homes

  • Hiding spots such as tall shrubs and fences give burglars places to hide.
  • Burglars search for homes that appear to be empty. Perhaps no car in the driveway, no lights on, no toys out, or mail and newspapers are piled up.
  • Poor Lighting 
  • Lack of a security system

The Breakdown on What Burglars Want

  • Favorite items include: jewelry, cash, guns, cameras, laptops, televisions, prescription drugs, bikes, furniture.

Burglars are looking for items that can easily be transferred into cash. The money is often used to support their drug habit.

Now that we have given you the breakdown on break-ins we would like to give you the breakdown on preventing a burglary!

10 ways to prevent a burglary in your home

10 Simple Ways to Prevent Burglaries in Your Home or Deter a Potential Burglar

  1. Install a security system and advertise the fact. Put stickers on the windows and a sign out front. Make sure the system is always activated!
  2. Install security cameras.
  3. Consider adopting a dog and/or post ‘beware of dog’ signs around the house.
  4. Install motion-sensitive lights.
  5. Add stoppers to the windows and deadbolt locks to the doors.
  6. Leave the TV or stereo on while gone.
  7. Do not announce new big ticket items purchased by leaving boxes on the curb.
  8. Keep the garage door closed and locked.
  9. Do not allow for mail and newspapers to build up.
  10. Keep vegetation around your home under control.


If you are part of the 17% of homeowners who do have an alarm system installed, kudos to you! If not, give us a call today!

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