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Why You Need To Replace Your Batteries Now!

Does Your Home Have Smoke Detectors?

Replace your smoke detector batteries now to keep your family safe!

Today is the Autumn Equinox and since this day is the start of a ‘change’ of season, we are using this date to remind you to change something very important in your home!

If you own your home, and even if you rent, you should be aware of the date you last changed your smoke detector batteries.

Go ahead. Think of the date. We’ll wait a minute…
Can’t recall when it was?

Most people when asked when they last did change their smoke detector batteries will either say

I don’t recall


When the alarm started to chirp in the middle of the night because the battery was low

Neither of these answers is a very good one!

If you are the responsible adult in charge of the home you need to not only know this, but you need to have a plan to make sure your smoke detectors work when an emergency arises!

Happy Fall - Tak e the time to check your battries and replace the once that need replacing!

Prevention and Detection Are Key To Getting Out Alive During A Fire!

We want you to be safe!

We have a super simple plan for you to implement RIGHT NOW to keep your smoke detectors in working order when they are needed.

Here’s the plan:

  1. Go to the store and by a multipack of batteries (most smoke detectors take 9V batteries)
  2. Replace all batteries in all smoke detectors in your home today.
  3. Pick up your Smartphone. Either place a reminder to change the batteries again on ‘this date one year from now’ in your Google calendar, or in whatever reminder app you might use.


Why You Need To rplace your smoke detector and carbon monoxide batteries now

Carbon Monoxide Detectors Batteries Need To be Replaced As Well!

If this is the first time you’ve heard about Carbon Monoxide Detectors and if you aren’t sure about what they are, what they do and why your home and business needs these, read this first!

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a deadly, colorless, odorless, poisonous gas that is produced by the incomplete burning of various fuels.

Many people install carbon monoxide monitors that you plug-in to the wall or run on batteries.

Of course, these batteries need to be replaced, too!

While these kind of detectors are great (it’s better to have those than no sensors at all!), they do not have the ability to call for outside help when needed if you are incapacitated.

Therefore, if you have a security alarm system, we recommend hooking up the carbon monoxide sensors right to your security alarm; the carbon monoxide levels in your home or business will be monitored 24/7!

We at Strand Security use Honeywell Total Connect™ for this and as we read on the Honeywell Total Connect™ website

System Sensor carbon monoxide (CO) detectors provide the highest level of CO protection available. Our system-connected devices enable 24/7 central station monitoring that ensures occupants or building management will be alerted if the detector goes into alarm, is disabled, or has reached its six-year end-of-life and needs to be replaced. Furthermore, this system monitoring provides an extra level of protection in cases when occupants are unable to respond to the alarm.

Run To The Store and Get Your Batteries Today!

Whether you decide to change your batteries today, or if you want to wait until the first of the month, the MOST IMPORTANT part of this is that you will ACT and DO IT as soon as possible!

Would you ever go drive your car with a broken seatbelt, or broken brakes?
Would you allow your child to ride a horse or a bicycle without a helmet?
Would you go an a boat that had no life jackets?


Get the batteries, replace them ASAP and be secure in knowing you are protected in case of an emergency!

Contact Strand Security today


When Disaster Strikes It’s (Almost) Too Late To Prepare!

When disaster strikes it's (almost) too late to prepare.

Floods, Tropical Storms and Hurricanes

What do they have in common?

All of these are natural disasters for which you can prepare!
Newsflash – Many people do not prepare for natural disasters and thus when disaster strikes, these natural disaster can quickly turn into a tragedy for unprepared families!

Rain, Rain. Go Away!

The Grand Strand and Myrtle Beach has had their share of rain in the last year or so. We have Tropical Storm Julia bearing down on us this week and we had a visit from Hurricane Hermine on September 2, just about two weeks ago. And just last year, South Carolina was hit by what is now called ‘the historic 1000 year flood’ in the first few days of October.

Of course, who can forget what happened in Louisiana just last month (August 2016) – disaster struck, and struck hard for many families. The devastating news and incredibly sad media videos of the flood waters coming from Louisiana should serve as a reminder to everyone that disaster can and will strike – just like that!

Preparing For Disaster

Preparing for the worst doesn’t mean the worst is going to happen.

It means that when things go wrong, you have a plan and a way to get out!

Here are some of the ways you can prepare right now!

  • Buy Flood Insurance
  • Buy Wind and Hail Insurance
  • Create a family emergency plan
  • Create an evacuation plan
  • Prepare an emergency kit (include meds, food and drinking water)
  • Prepare a natural disaster kit (include important paperwork and tools)

When disaster strikes you want to be prepared. Get started now and prepare for the next tropical storm, flood or hurricane to come your way!

Let’s Look To The Experts For More Tips!

(Please click on the titles below to read the articles)

Disaster Planning

Disaster Planning Guide

Safety First! Make a Family Emergency Plan Today!

Hurricane Preparedness

How To Help Prepare For A Hurricane

How To Best Prepare for An Active Hurricane Season

Evacuation Tips

Emergency Evacuation Planning

A Mandatory Evacuation Leaves Your Home Unattended, or Does It?

Flood Prevention

Flood Damage Prevention

How To Help Prevent Water Damage

Reduce Flood Damage To Homes

Plan. Prepare. Be Ready!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again:

With security and safety on the line, it is always best to be prepared!

Let us know how we can help you prepare ahead of the next storm to head our way; whether that includes installing a Honeywell Total Connect security system, with cameras, so that you can monitor your home even when you have to evacuate, or by providing you more useful information like we did in this article, we are prepare to help you be prepared!

Contact Strand Security today


Help Strand Security Collect Donations for Louisiana Flood Victims!

Help Strand Security Secure Donations for the Louisiana Flood Victims of the Flood of 2016

Do You Remember The Historic SC Flood of October 2015?

It’s now called the ‘1000 year flood’ and it happened right here along the Grand Strand and in other parts of South Carolina. Thousands of families lost belongings, homes, property and many other people were displaced and had to leave their homes.

It’s happening all over again and it’s so heartbreaking to watch it all unfold!

This time is the state of Louisiana that’s dealing with unexpected and unprecedented floods.

We Felt Compelled to Act!

Heather of Strand Security felt she needed to act. But, like many others, didn’t really know how to go about it. That is, until she received this email from ESA (Electronic Security Association) about a local Louisiana agency is dire needs. Please read.

This past week, heavy rains and extreme floods have devastated southern Louisiana resulting in over a dozen fatalities and thousands displaced from their homes; many unaware if those home are still standing. As the rising water begins to wane, ESA members are looking for ways to help our Louisianan neighbors.

Quality Support Coordination, Inc., a local agency that works to provide social services to persons with developmental disabilities and the elderly, has been in service of over 4,000 families and is looking for additional assistance in this time or natural disaster.

At this time the agency has 50+ families that have lost everything due to the flood event of August 2016.  These families all receive Medicaid and have limited resources with most living off of Social Security due to varying levels of disability.  Quality Support Coordination, Inc. is asking this great community for assistance to help these families.  Times like these affect people with Developmental Disabilities and the Elderly in very different ways than people without these special needs.

Below is a list of our greatest needs:

  • Gift Cards to any grocery store, Walmart, etc.
  • Any food or bottled water, ice chests
  • Bath towels, blankets, sheets, pillows, pillow cases
  • Toiletries- soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, hair brushes, razors for men and women, shaving cream, deodorant etc.
  • Cleaning supplies- bleach, brooms, paper towels, mops, razor cutters for sheet rock
  • Fans to help dry out homes
  • Clothes for men and women- medium, large and extra-large; socks, undergarments
  • Medical equipment (that is in working order) – wheelchairs, hospital beds, shower chairs, etc.

You see, there was the nudge Heather needed to take action.

Now We Need Your Help!
(consider this your nudge to help)

Here is our plea; we can’t do it alone.
If you remember what it was like in South Carolina just 11 months ago, and if you can imagine the devastation these families are living with in Louisiana and if you feel in your heart it’s right to act, get in contact with us today!

We accept donations from individuals, families and businesses. The very best way to help these families is by donating gift cards! Please contact Heather at 843-318-1192 or Heather@StrandSecurity.com.

We Aren’t he Only Ones Excited This is Actually Happening!

Heather spoke with Kamira Johnson of ESA and this was the follow up email she received.

Hi Heather,

Thank you so much for reaching out to us and for initiating such an awesome drive for the people in Louisiana. Like you said, it only takes one person! I spoke to my manager about you all and he is super excited! If you tell us when the story will air on ABC, we will record the clip and our marketing department can use it in one of their videos or stories. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you, again and have fun with your interview! You all are doing an amazing thing!



So before we hand it over to YOU and let you decide how you want to help, here are a few pictures of the TV interview!

Lisa of WMBF News in the Strand Security Showroom

Lisa Gresci of WMBF News shooting B-roll in the Strand Security office.

Strand Security in Murrells INlet

Heather of Strand Security is interviewed by Lisa Gresci of WMBF News.

Gift card donations for the Louisiana Flood Victims.

Gift card donations will help Louisiana flood victims who have lost everything in August 2016.

Local Grand Strand business helps Louisiana flood victims

Lisa Gresci of WMBF News, Heather Bryant of Strand Security and Dorien Morin of More In Media

Lisa Gresci of WMBF News fell in love with Strand Security dog Henry!

Lisa and Henry


Act Now To Help These 50 Families Who Lost Everything Last Month!

We will be collecting for one more week – please help us collect and donate gift cards for these families.

You can do this by calling Heather at 843-318-1192 or sending her an email right now at Heather@StrandSecurity.com!

Get involved! Act now.

UPDATED 9/9/2016:

Our TV News Story was the TOP STORY on the 5:30 PM news on Thursday September 8, 2016 and then repeated at 7 PM.
Read it here!

Here is the news clip from the 5:30 PM news.

WMBFNews.com, Myrtle Beach/Florence SC, Weather

Here is the news clip from the 7 PM news.

WMBFNews.com, Myrtle Beach/Florence SC, Weather


A Mandatory Evacuation Leaves Your Home Unattended, or Does It?

When a mandatory evacuation is called for, it's hard to leave your home and business behind. Keep an eye on the homefront with Honeywell Total Connect!

Hurricane Hermine, go away!

This is what we are dealing with in Myrtle Beach right now as Hurricane Hermine is rolling in this Friday afternoon.

Pretty scary road conditions, right? And according to the local Myrtle Beach news stations and the Weather Channel, this is JUST the beginning.

This is also ‘just’ a category 1 hurricane turned tropical storm by the time it fully hits the Grand Strand.

Are you prepared for when the next storm hits?

What if the next one is the big one?

Do you know what to do and how to prepare?

When The Big One Hits; You Might Encounter a Mandatory Evacuation.

If you are new to the area or if you’ve never lived in a hurricane zone before now, you might never have experienced a mandatory evacuation before and let us tell you; it’s scary to leave everything you have behind – everything but what fits into your car.

Depending on where you live and your flood zone, you might be one of the first families asked to leave.

There are many ways to prepare for a possible evacuation and all we can say is; plan, prepare and be ready!

But once you leave… it might be a while before you allowed back into your neighborhood!

How Will You Know What’s Happening at Home?

Well, most people don’t know how things are back home once they evacuate! It’s one of the more scary things to encounter during hurricane season – beside losing power, flash floods, falling trees and loss of electricity… just to name a few things that can go wrong.

Here’s another scary thing about the mandatory evacuation; your neighbors will be evacuating as well and no one can keep an eye on your home and your property, or can they?

We Have C.O.P.S Monitoring Our Homes, Even During Natural Disasters and Hurricane Evacuations!

Mandatory evacuations during a hurricane is scary. Leaving your home behind is even scarier.  We have a solution on how you can keep tabs on your home and your business, even if you need to evacuate!

You heard that right!

If you have a Honeywell Total Connect security system in your home, YOU and YOUR MONITORING SERVICE will BOTH be able to keep an eye on your home!

Through the mobile app you will be notified of windows breaking, zones going out and if you have security cameras installed, you can do a physical check on your property as well!

You can do this from your phone or tablet and from the safety of a dry, warm hotel room or a relatives’ home; far, far away from the path of the destructive hurricane!

With Honeywell Total Connect you’ll have peace of mind like few others have when a hurricane rolls in!

Have a plan and be safe!


If you are a business owner, you will most likely have additional worries and concerns during a mandatory evacuation! It’s imperative to the continued success of your business that you not only have a security system in place during the next hurricane that rolls in, but that you also have a set of security cameras to record and show you in real time what’s happening in your business.

The only world we need to mention is ‘looting‘ and you’ll know what we are talking about!

Need a Security System, Stat?

Please let us know how we may help keep you and yours safe and secure!

Contact Strand Security today


How To Best Prepare for An Active Hurricane Season

How to prepare for a Hurricane

Do You Know Your Hurricane Evacuation Routes?

If you live in the south (east) of the United States you have to know about hurricane season; really all up and down the east coast you can be affected by hurricanes at any time during the hurricane season. If you have just recently moved south – maybe you just got to Myrtle Beach and you are reading this, you might not really know what the ‘fuss’ is about! We run into newly relocated people (from up north) often and they really have no idea what kind of damage a hurricane can do; both the wind and the water can destroy homes on their own, but putting them together and you’ve got a ‘perfect storm’.

First and foremost, if you do live in the south, you should know your evacuation route and you should have a family emergency plan.

When Is Hurricane Season?

For our North Atlantic area, hurricane season starts in June and runs through November!

This means that as this is published, hurricane season is in full swing and we (meaning you, the reader, and me, the writer) should gets prepared NOW!

From experience, we know a few things about hurricanes. Here are some of the things we do and take care of each season to prepare for a hurricane.

How to prepare for a hurricane in Myrtle Beach
Preparing For A Big Storm

✓ Keep a close eye on the forecast – know what’s happening and when to evacuate.

✓ Stock up on essentials BEFORE mention of any storm (because these supplies will be very hard to find once a storm approaches). Whether you stay home to ‘ride it out’ or you need to go to a shelter, even if you evacuate; you will need these supplies!

  • flashlights with batteries
  • extra batteries
  • power-bank for your phones
  • car chargers
  • candles and/or hand-cranked light source
  • supply of blankets and towels
  • water supply – 1 gallon p/p per day
  • dry milk
  • canned food
  • dry food
  • cash (because ATMs will run out)
  • filled up gas tanks (because gas stations will run out of gas)
  • generator (optional)
  • gas grill (with extra propane tank)
  • plywood to board up your house (optional)
  • masking tape to tape off your windows (optional)
  • chainsaw (optional – comes in handy when trees are down!)
  • create a portable toolkit
  • stock your first-aid kit
  • water-proof pocket file holder for all your paperwork (insurance cards, medical info, passports, proof of local residency etc)
  • if you have pets: vet records, extra food and carriers (so they can evacuate with you)
  • hotel reservations for up to 4 days in the city you are evacuating to, if you don’t want to stay locally in a shelter

✓ Let your family and friends know what your plans are and where you are headed!
✓ Connect with your neighbors – together you can figure out when to leave and when it is safe to return after a storm.
✓ Ask elderly neighbors if they have a plan – help them make arrangements if possible.

Here Is What The Experts Say About Preparing For A Big Storm

We found several great online resources for preparing and dealing with an approaching hurricane.

The best place to start is here.
Once you land on that website, you will find all of the following resources at your fingertips!

How To Prepare for a Hurricane
We recommend you familiarize yourself with this list, read it, act on the tips and then sit back, because along with you, we truly hope this is an inactive hurricane season and we will NOT see a major hurricane!

How Do You Prepare for a Hurricane?

Prepare, plan and stay informed and you will be fine!

We at Strand Security want all of our friends, family and customers to be safe and secure at all times. Our hope is you will start to think of a few things you can do now so that once a storm is approaching you aren’t fully unprepared to get ready. Feel free to ask us how we can help you!

Contact Strand Security today


13 Amazing Central Vacuum Facts That Blew Us Away!

Have You Ever Used a Central Vacuum?

Central Vacuum facts you don't want to miss, Myrtle Beach!

If you’ve never seen one or used a central vacuum, you are in for a treat!

We firmly believe that ANYONE who is CURRENTLY BUILDING A HOME should have a central vacuum added to their list of amenities to install prior to finishing the home.

When builders offer Beam Central Vacuum Systems in their homes a number of benefitsfor the builder and the consumer – are evident:

13 Central Vacuum Facts So Amazing You’ll Want One!

Central Vacuum Facts you will love, Myrtle Beach! Beam Central Vacuum


1. Easy to use

Easy enough even a child can vacuum (chores!). It’s plug in the hose, select your attachment of choice and vacuum away!

2. No heavy lifting

Light enough to handle for those with back problems, or the elderly, or someone who has a hard time getting around.

3. No more cords

There is just nothing to plug in; no need to search for a plug in every room of the house.

4. Cost effective

BEAM Central vacuums come with a long warranty and just keep on going long after any vacuum would. They can handle lots and lots of your dust, guaranteed.

5. Health benefit

Less dust = better air quality

6. More Power

Do you have dogs or cats? If you do, you have hair…and lots of it. BEAM Central Vacuums are great for removing these pesky hairs, quicker and with more power!

7. Noise reduction

Love to vacuum but despise the noise? Do you have pets who are scared of your current vacuum? A BEAM ventral vacuum makes much less noise than a regular old vacuum!

8. Huge supply of attachments

The BEAM central vacuum comes with many cool attachments to use in all the small nooks and crannies in your home! They are easy to attach and switch out.

9. No more dust mites

Our Central Vacuums do a great job on removing dust mites from your mattresses!

10. Convenience

It’s fun, easy and convenient to vacuum; whether you need a full home clean, or just a one room or one area clean, your central vacuum is a convenient and fast!

11. Powerful deep cleaning

Central vacuums have more power than regular vacuum. Because of that, you can do a much more thorough and deep cleaning.

12. Smart investment

BEAM Central vacuums are a smart investment. They keep their value and will serve you well over a long period of time in your home.

13. Increased resale value of your home

Central vacuums are often a selling point when putting your home on the market! Much like investing money in a new kitchen or bathroom; central vacuum often increase the overall resale value of your home.

Please contact us for more information about central vacuums and how we can help you get one installed in your Myrtle Beach area home!

Contact Strand Security today


How Burglars Know You Have a Dog and Why They Care!

Owning a Dog Is A Deterrent For a Potential Burglar

How Burglars Know You Have a Dog and Why They Care

How is that for a bold statement?

It’s true!

“If I saw a sticker for a home security system, that would have been enough of a deterrent recalls London. “Once, we broke into a house and an alarm went off. We immediately turned around and just ran.” Stickers for a home security system are one trick; another is a trusty BEWARE OF DOGS posting. “Dogs certainly would have discouraged me from breaking in, even though I knew my way around dogs,” points out London. If you happen to love dogs and can afford a home surveillance system, by all means go for it! But if you’re allergic or cash is tight, fake it with signs. Dummy surveillance cameras enhance the illusion and are not difficult to put up.


Read the full interview with this former burglar here.

How You Can Let a Potential Burglar Know You Have a Dog

Burglars do not like dogs! Myrtle Beach Alarm Systems

There are several ways you can show anyone ‘casing’ your home that you have a dog!

1. ‘Beware of Dog’ Sign

This is an easy one and of course you do not not have to own a dog to put up a sig like that!

2. Barking Sound

Most dogs will ‘alert’ to anyone coming on their property uninvited. Leaving your dog at home during the day – when most break-ins happen – should deter any potential burglar. If you do not have a dog, you could invest in a sound machine that replicates the sound of dogs barking to go off when someone triggers the device by stepping too close to your home when you aren’t around. That should also make someone think twice about breaking in!

3. Dog Toys

Nothing quite screams ‘a dog lives here’ like a few random dog chew toys scattered in your front and back yard!

4. Fence and/or Dog Lead

A fenced back yard with dog chew toys, and a water bowl certainly will deter a burglar. The same goes for a dog lead in the back or front yard with a water bowl nearby!

A Burglar Does Not Like To Encounter Dogs, S/he Wants To Avoid Dogs!

Why is this? Dogs are ‘complications, distractions and hazards’.
The goal of any burglar is to enter a home undetected and to get out with their ‘prize’ as quickly and as quietly as possible!

Dogs foil those plans…

  • Dogs in a home make it harder to enter
  • Dogs in a home make it harder to stay undetected
  • Dogs in a home make it harder to walk around and burglarize


A Burglar Will Avoid a Home With a Dog

Confessions and secrets from a real burglar

“The two things I hate most: Loud dogs and nosy neighbors.”



We aren’t telling you to get a dog.

Pretending there’s a dog in the home should deter a burglar as well.

However, if you’ve been thinking about getting a dog, check out these cute videos of dogs caught on (security) cameras while their owners were at work!

Your dog could be the next internet star…;)


3 Ways to Secure Your Home While You Are At Work

Who Is Watching Your Home?

3 ways to secure your home while you are at work! Myrtle Beach Alarm systems

While you are work, many people drive and walk by your home.

Those people include neighbors with dogs, neighborhood joggers, maintenance people servicing your neighbors, delivery trucks and many more.

All of them are watching your home.

You know who else is?


Sometimes they are disguised as pet walkers with dogs, neighborhood joggers, maintenance people servicing your neighbors, and delivery men and you wouldn’t know the difference!

There are two other people who COULD BE watching your home

Now if you are away from home because of work…you already know ‘you’ watching your own home isn’t going to entail much. You will be too busy to keep a constant eye on your home.

However, a good security company will have a great monitoring company to back them up to monitor their clients’ homes and businesses!

How Should You Secure Your Home While You Are At Work?

We recommend you implement ALL THREE of the following suggestions!


Because it makes sense to implement all three for extra security.

Myrtle Beach Security System, Myrtle Beach Alarm System

1. Activate Your Security Alarm System

Can we say this again?

Activate your security alarm system!

No matter if your aunt, mother, babysitter, pet sitter or neighbor plans to stop by…
Active your system anytime your leave your home and teach others how your operate the security system!

Because, guess what?

Your security system only works if it’s activated!

It’s not hard to ‘train’ others on how to operate your system; take the time to do so to protect your home while you are at work.

2. Vary Your Daily Routine aka Don’t Be Predicable

If you have a lovely daily routine, good for you!

Bad for your security.

Burglars often will ‘case’ a house and take note of who comes and goes, and especially when people come and go.

Therefore, live it up a little!

Change your routine periodically.

Here are some ideas

  • leave home early some days and eat breakfast on the road
  • come home at lunch time to feed your fish
  • if you exercise or run in the morning before work; change up the days of the week
  • work through lunch and leave work early some days

It’s not too hard to break a routine i you just try… live a little!

3. Build a Relationship With Your Neighbors

Neighbors are awesome, don’t you agree?

Wait, what? You aren’t very close with your neighbors?

If you own a home and plan to stay for a while, may we suggest you go over with a casserole, a plant or a bottle of wine and introduce yourself?

This makes sense not just for security reasons, but family safety as well!

Once you have build a relationship with your neighbors, it’s easy to help ‘watch’ out for each other’s home.

See something out of the ordinary? Call your neighbors, share and compare notes! They hopefully will do the same for you!


Many a break-in has been folded because of nosy neighbors!


Your Security. Our Business!

Let us know if we can help you in any way!

Contact Strand Security today


5 Steps To Take When Choosing A Security Company to Help Protect Your Business

5 steps to take when choosing a security company for your business

Security Should Be a Business Necessity, Not a Luxury!

We know how much time, money, sweat an yes, tears it takes to start a business – we are business owners ourselves.

When creating your business plan, we are confident you created a working budget based upon projected sales and services rendered.

Whether you have a storefront, a large retail store, a restaurant or an industrial park location, security and safety should be high on your list of priorities – for yourself and your employees!

If we could wave a magic wand, we would grant EVERY SINGLE BUSINESS OWNER a state-of-the-art security system with cameras. From experience with working with many, many, many local Myrtle Beach and Maryland business owners, we know that security systems and cameras can help with staff turnover, theft prevention, training and much much more.

All of these issues cost money – so by having a security system in place, you can actually safe money!

When you are ready for a security system for your business, you’ll want to work with the best company!

Make sure the security company you are going to work with is

  • local
  • accessible and responsive
  • using the latest technology

Buyer Beware! 5 Steps to take when choosing a security company to help protect your business! Myrtle Beach Security.

Here are 5 Steps We Suggest You Take When Choosing A Security Company to Help Protect Your Business

(If you are already close to choosing a company, we suggest you do 3, 4 and 5 immediately!)

1. Check Services They Offer and Talk To Their Staff

If, when you call this company, you are being treated rudely, they are not the company to go with.

If, when you call this company, you can not get any answers via phone, they are not the company to go with.

If, when you call this company, they just want to sell, sell, sell, they are not the company to go with.

If, when you call this company, they do not offer the services you request but they want to sell you something you do not need, they are not the company to go with.

If, when you visit this company, you are treated with disrespect, they are not the company to go with.

If, when you visit this company, you find their showroom lacking and their staff disinterested in you, they are not the company to go with.

If, when you visit this company, you find staff lacking in knowledge, they are not the company to go with.


BUT… if you love what you hear when you call, if you like the responsiveness of their staff, if you like what they offer – you are on the right track!

2. Ask A Local Business Owner What Company They Use

There is no better ‘judge’ than a fellow business owner when it comes to selecting the right security company. Next time you network at the Chamber or any other networking event, ask around!

Make sure to ask specific questions like

  • How long did installation take?
  • How many people came to install your system?
  • How was the follow-up process?
  • Did you receive training on your product and system?
  • Are you still happy with this company and their customer service?
  • Did you get good value for your money?
  • Do you remember the name of the person who installed your system?

You’ll know by their answers whether you’d like to work with this company, too!

3. Check Their Online Presence, Including Online Reviews

Once you have a few names of security companies, check out their online presence.

[If they have no online presence at all – that’s a red flag!]

Check to see if they have a website, a blog, a Facebook Page and reviews on Facebook, Yelp, Google+ or anywhere else.

NOTE: Not every single online review has to be a positive, 5 star review. What you are looking for is a responsive company who takes customer service seriously, offline as well as online!

4. Contact The Better Business Bureau

When you are just about ready to go and sign a contract for services, place a call to the Better Business Bureau if possible. It can’t hurt and sometimes it helps prevent you from making a huge mistake!

5. Visit Their Location

Last but not least, a lot of information can be gained from driving to (or by) the location of the security company you want to work with!

  • Does this company have a sign outside?
  • Do they have branded work trucks with their logo?
  • Does the property look nice and inviting?
  • Does this security company have a showroom?

If all the answers are YES – you are most likely dealing with a reputable and established security business!

Come Check Us Out!

If you are local to Maryland or the Grand Strand/Myrtle beach area and in need of a security system for your business (or home), we invite you to come meet us, talk to us and work with us!

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Would You Know How To Fight Off A Kidnapper?

Do you know how to protect yourself? Would you know how to fend off a kidnapper?

Have You Seen This Crazy Video and Headline Today?

It’s all over the news and parents everywhere are running scared! (as they should be!)

Attempted Kidnapping In Broad Daylight In Front of a Parent!

Here are some reactions we seen, many from concerned parents.

“I can’t even!! How are we supposed to teach our children how to do things for themselves when we can’t even trust that they are safe standing RIGHT NEXT to us???”

“Really…what has this world come to when you can’t even go to the store without worrying about someone stealing your child!”

“The girl was 13 that’s not a small child (old enough to be a babysitter and home alone) and this was done in front of other people. This creeper is crazy.”

Would you know how to fend off a kidnapper?

Put Yourself In This Mom’s Shoes!

Would you know how to fight?

Would you know how to defend those you love?

Would you be brave enough to fight and keep fighting?


We at Strand Security want you to

  • feel safe
  • be safe
  • stay safe

After one of our own was attacked and held at gun point, she fought for her life!
Now, as a local Myrtle Beach resident, business owner and mom, she’s fighting for YOUR LIFE.

Heather is the brain behind our Self-Defense Workshops.
Amos is the muscle who teaches us in our Self-Defense Workshops.

If this video scared you as much as it did us, take ACTION. TODAY!

Come To Our Self-Defense Workshop This Month!

Here’s the deal. Much of what you learn doesn’t stick with you for an extended period of time BUT if you not only heard or read a tip, technique or fact, but actually practiced it, it will be something you are much more likely to remember and be able to use.

It has to become something that you are comfortable with and something that’s almost second nature.

A three hour class will give you plenty of opportunity to practice, practice and practice several important and potentially life-saving self-defense techniques!


On a side note: the last 20 minutes of class are usually dedicated to rape self-defense. A bit uncomfortable? Sure. Something we’d like to not talk about? Sure. If you think you have no power left once someone has you pinned under them, think again!

Amos showed us in the last class what to do and how to get out of such a hold…!
What an incredibly powerful thing to walk away with. 

Who Do You Love and Who Do You Want To Protect?

self defense class in Myrtle Beach

Is there anything you are waiting for?

This could be you, your daughter, your child, your son, your sister…

Know what to do and how to hurt them where it counts!

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