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We Have The Best Priced Security Systems on the Grand Strand


‘The Best Priced Alarm System’ – That’s a BOLD Statement, Right?

Well… we at Strand Security are bold, and we are correct!

We certainly do have TWO of the best priced security systems on the Grand Strand – each one of these two alarm systems will set you back exactly $0!

Say what?

Yes, check out what is going on at Strand Security this holiday season!
We are giving away TWO security systems to two lucky recipients and they each will pay all of $0: Nothing. Nada. Zero.

Security Alarm System Giveaway in Myrtle Beach


This is our 2nd annual security system give-away because we love to give back to the community!
Our tagline is ‘Your Security. Our Business’ and we mean it.

We love our customers!

Meet Last Year’s Alarm System Winners

Here are the THREE lucky families who received a free alarm system from Strand Security in Myrtle Beach as well as a full year of monitoring by C.O.P.S. last December!

Security Alarm System Give Away Winner 2015  Myrtle Beach - week 1



Will your face and name be on one of these announcements THIS year?

Who Do You Know on the Grand Strand That Needs a Security System?

Enter To Win or Nominate a Deserving Friend or Family Member!
This can be a residential or a commercial system.

If you don’t enter, you don’t get a chance at a FREE system and FREE monitoring!

Strand Security | Security System | Alarm System Myrtle Beach

Who Needs A Security System?

Your friend who lives in a secure neighborhood.

Your neighbor who owns a small business.

Your brother who runs a restaurant.

If you are curious if you can afford a security system, check out this article.

Anyone who needs an alarm system or wants one, should be able to have one!

Security (and safety) is our business!

Won’t you nominate someone today?

The give-away runs until December 14 and as stated before TWO lucky recipients will receive a security systems as well as a full year of free monitoring!

Free is good, right?

Contact Strand Security today




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