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7 People In Your Life Who Need To Know Self-Defense

7 people in your life who need to know self defense

Prepare for the Unexpected!

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you felt uncomfortable, or scared? Someone might have been approaching you and you just weren’t sure what to do or how to handle it?

What if that happened and you were with a loved one? How about with a young child, your teenager or your aging parent?

Wouldn’t you want to protect them?

Protect Those You Love But Above All, Know How Protect Yourself!

If you’ve ever flown in an airplane you know the emergency drill; in case of emergency, always put on your own oxygen mask first, before helping those sitting near you, because what good are you to anyone if you can’t breathe yourself!

The same is true for personal safety.

How can you protect your small child, your teenager, your spouse or your aging parent, if you don’t know how to take care of yourself in a hairy (and scary) situation?

Learn Self Defense!

We highly recommend everyone take a self-defense class at some point in their life, preferably BEFORE they are attacked!

This is personal to us; read Heather’s Story here.

So who really should be taking a self-defense class? 

7 People In Your Life Who Need To Know Self-Defense

7 People In Your Life Who Need To Know Self-Defense

Here they are, along with the reasons why they are more vulnerable than other people.

Self-Defense for Teenagers

Teenagers think they are invincible. They are often very self-centered and do not look around in crowds. They need to know self-defense as they start to spend more time away from their parents, coaches and the adults in their life. They are embarking one new adventures and they need to become self-reliant. Knowing some basic self-defense moves is an important step!

Self-Defense for Elderly Parents

Elderly people are often victims of robberies in parking lots and home burglaries. Knowing self-defense moves can help someone survive and fight back when needed. Just knowing basics do’s and don’ts and a move or two will have them be more confident if ever confronted with a bad situation.

Self-Defense for Single Friends Who Live Alone

Many burglaries and attacks are premeditated. Someone living alone is an easy target for someone looking for an easy victim. Just for that reason alone, you should encourage your single friend(s) to take a basic self-defense class. Better be safe than sorry!

Self-Defense for Your Running Buddy

If you know someone who likes to run (or bike) on their own, especially early in the morning, please encourage them to take a self-defense class. Other precautions include to never run with headphones and run with a friend whenever possible.

Self-Defense for New Drivers

Have you ever thought about the freedom a new driver has? We don’t mean the freedom to drive anywhere they want, but the freedom to drive anywhere they want, alone!  Many new drivers venture out to the mall alone for the first time, to the movies to meet a friend, or to the grocery store. Whereas before they were driven so they would arrive in a pack of two (or three or more) a new driver is alone, often for the first time ever! Easy target…!

Self-Defense for College Students

Sending your teenager off to college is stressful. Worrying about their safety daily can break you. Please, if you know a college student, encourage them to learn self-defense! You’ll sleep better and they will be much better off in case an attack happens.

Self-Defense for Yourself

If you’ve been busy thinking about who should be taking up self-defense, do not forget about yourself! You can not ever help someone else if you do not know how to react in case of an emergency yourself.

Learn what to do, what not to do, how to fight, how to run, how to attract attention and more. 

Are you ready? 
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