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7 Essential Tips For Protecting Your Family, Home, and Business During Hurricane Season

Hurricanes can and do occur often this time of year. As we on the Grand Strand live on the coast, we need to be aware and prepared during the North Atlantic Hurricane Season, which runs from June 1-November 30.

Although hurricanes are likely to bring heavy rains, strong gusts, and storm surges that are able to cause different degrees of damage to homes and businesses, there are steps that you can take now, in order to be impacted minimally by these storms. 

In this article, we will jump right into some hurricane safety tips for individual, commercial, and home safety.

As always, preparation is the key to preventing disasters!

Hurricane season preparation

1. Prepare an accessible emergency kit

One of the most essential things you should do to prepare for an oncoming hurricane is to design an emergency kit, for both your home and your business. 

This kit should include items such as water, food, flashlights, batteries for those flashlights, a first-aid kit, and any medications you are currently taking. It should be kept in a secure location that is easy to reach so that it can be accessible at any time you need it.

2. Board up doors and windows

In the event of a hurricane, powerful gusts of wind can cause heavy damage to windows and even doors. It is crucial to take the steps to protect these vulnerable parts of your home or business before the storm comes in. 

Consider installing storm shutters or boarding up these areas with plywood. Also, check the seals on your doors and windows in order to make sure that they are safe and secure.

3. Trim your trees 

Powerful winds are also able to cause trees to fall over, creating significant damage, especially to homes and businesses. 

Before a hurricane arrives, trim any trees around your property. Remove weak branches that may even be dead. This will help stop them from falling or being blown by a gust, potentially causing heavy damage.

4. Secure items that are outdoors

Outdoor furniture, ornaments, and general equipment can instantly become damage-causing projectiles during the winds of a hurricane. Be sure to move these items indoors if you can’t confidently secure them or at least to a safer area before the storm rolls in.

5. Evacuate if necessary or ordered by the state

In special cases, it could be quite necessary to evacuate your home or business in the event of a hurricane. Pay close attention to local weather alerts and follow any evacuation orders given by the state or local authorities. 

If you do feel the need or are ordered to evacuate, make sure to bring your emergency kit with you and follow the designated evacuation routes. When you evacuate, let others know where you are going. Your neighbors, your family, and your friends should be aware of your evacuation plans. 

Having a security system with cameras will allow you to keep an eye on your home and your business in the event of a mandatory evacuation, no matter where you are! 

6. Check your insurance coverage

It is essential to check your insurance coverage in advance of a hurricane. Be sure that you have coverage for your home or business, and that you understand any limitations or exclusions that might apply. 

You may consider purchasing flood insurance, as some standard policies might not cover flood damage. Your insurance agents will be able to guide you! 

7. Keep Informed

During and before a hurricane, it is important to stay informed about the latest weather conditions and generally just any updates from local authorities. Be sure to watch the local news and weather, and you should consider signing up for text alerts or any other notifications that would come from local emergency agencies.


Test your home security system and your cameras before hurricane season starts. Make sure your apps are updated, and you have login access on your mobile devices. 

This way, even if you have to evacuate, you can keep an eye on your property! 

South Carolina Hurricane Prep Starts in May!

Hurricanes can be incredibly dangerous, but with the proper knowledge, preparation, and planning, you can help to minimize the damage of these storms on your home, business, and family. 

By following these hurricane safety tips, you can rescue the risk of damage and help keep you and your property safe during a massive storm.

Need Hurricane Prep Help? 

Never hesitate to reach out to us at Strand Security. We’ve been living in South Carolina for many years and can help those who are new to the State of South Carolina, and new to hurricane season with hurricane preparations. We answer our phones. Give us a call! 

Call Strand Security in Myrtle Beach at 843-318-6392


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