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5 Tips for Securing Your Home While You Travel

5 tips for securing your home while you travel

Leaving Worries Behind When You Travel

How much luggage do you take on vacation?

Do you travel light or fully loaded?

However you travel, and what you bring, says a lot about your personality! 

The same is true about what you do to prepare before you go on your planned trip.

Prepare Your Home for Peace of Mind

Nothing, nothing, nothing can prepare you for the shock of coming home from a relaxing vacation or successful business trip to find your home ransacked, broken into and your belongings gone and riffled through.

We all know that saying

“When disaster strikes the time to prepare has passed”

So what are the things you can do to prepare you home for when you leave, even just for the weekend?

 "When disaster strikes the time to prepare has passed"

Here is a list of 5 tips to secure your home when you travel.

1. Active Your Alarm System

This is such a simple tip, yet many people do not use their alarm system when they go out of town, sometimes just for the convenience of those who are left to care for the house.

Rather than show their caretakers the proper use of their system, they chose to not use it at all. Many a petsitter, housecleaner or lawn caretaker has had to call the police and homeowner to report a break-in. Don’t be that homeowner! Active your system when you leave town.

2. Light Up Your House

Putting several of your indoor lights on timers and use motion detecting sensors on your outdoor lights are two easy ways to light up your house! Burglars do not want the ‘spotlight’ on them and they often will quickly retreat if outdoor sensor lights come on. Indoor lights on timers indicate someone might be home, also deterring burglars from breaking in.

3. Pick Up Mail and Deliveries

Nothing say ‘hey, I am not home’ as a large pile of unread newspapers on your lawn! Therefore, stop your newspaper delivery and your mail delivery, unless you have someone come in to take the mail inside your home every other dy. Also, make sure to time package deliveries for after your return!

4. Be ‘Safe’, Not Sorry

To avoid losing important papers, in case of a fire or break-in, we suggest you keep important papers and valuable items in a bank safety deposit box. Especially when you are out of town on a longer trip might this one security measure give you peace of mind.

5. Communicate With Your Neighbors

Tell your direct neighbors you’ll be away and for how long and ask them to keep an eye out for suspicious activity. You’d be surprised how well aware your neighbors are of your routine. Many a break-in has been reported (and some prevented) by watchful neighbors. Make sure at least one of your neighbors has a way of reaching you (by phone) in case of a home disaster. (fire, flood)


Next time you go away for a relaxing vacation, don’t forget to not just pack your suitcase, but also prepare your home! Contact Strand Security today

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