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5 Hot Summer Security Tips To Keep You Safe While Having Fun

5 hot summer security tips to keep you safe while having fun

Hot Summer Security Tips!

Summer season is upon us; summer vacations have been planned and fun trips are booked.

Maybe… you are traveling to Myrtle Beach? Maybe you live here in Myrtle Beach or on the Grand Strand?

While you are patiently waiting for the day to arrive that you can leave, burglars are also patiently waiting! They are waiting for homeowners like you to make simple mistakes that give them the opportunity to burglarize your home while you are away.

Did you know that over 2 million homes are broken into each year in the USA? Did you know that a large chunk of those home invasions happen during the summer months of June, July and August?

Here are five simple tips to keep your family, your home  and your business safe and secure while you are away this summer.

Remember; don’t be a victim. Prepare!

5 hot summer security to keep you safe while having fun

1. Set Your Security Alarm Before You Go On Your Trip

This might be a very simple tip but you’d be surprised how many homeowners do not do this! Sometime they leave the house accessible to a cleaning crew or a petsitter and don’t want to ‘bother’ training these people on their security system. Big mistake. If you have a system, this will be your BEST BET to prevent or catch someone who has the intent to burglarize your home!

2. Lock Up Your Home, Including Your Doors and Windows

Do you have a garage back door or side door? Do you have a sliding door, a doggie door, windows on the ground floor? I bet there are many more access points to the interior of your home than you thought! Please, before you leave, secure ALL DOORS and ALL WINDOWS. It’s an easy task and should be on your ‘to-do-before-I-leave-list’ each time you leave for an extended period of time!

3. Hold Your Mail. Hold Your NewsPaper. Stop Deliveries.

Do you have monthly deliveries? Do you still get the newspaper delivered? How about your mail? If you are leaving for an extended period of time and you do NOT have a house sitter or pet sitter, you need to make arrangements to STOP ALL DELIVERIES for the period you are away. Don’t order anything online the week prior to your trip either!

4. Consider Hiring a House Sitter or Pet Sitter.

House sitters (and pet sitters) do more than just ‘sit’. Their presence give a potential burglar the right signals to move on and go somewhere else, because most burglars do not want to burglarize a home where someone is home; they most often target empty homes! Activity at your home from a pet sitter or house sitter will deter a potential break-in.

5. Hold Your Pictures! Don’t Post To Social Media.

Smart and savvy burglars will use social media sites to ‘case’ your home and activity. Friends of friends of friends (a burglar!) can and will see your posts if your security settings aren’t closed tight. They will see you check-in to hotels, have fun on the beach, see your airport check-in and more. If you have no one at your home, we highly recommend refraining from posting anything about your trip until AFTER you’ve returned!

Now that you know how to prevent summer disasters, go have fun under the sun and call us to get a security system installed if you do not have one!

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