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3 Ways to Secure Your Home While You Are At Work

Who Is Watching Your Home?

3 ways to secure your home while you are at work! Myrtle Beach Alarm systems

While you are work, many people drive and walk by your home.

Those people include neighbors with dogs, neighborhood joggers, maintenance people servicing your neighbors, delivery trucks and many more.

All of them are watching your home.

You know who else is?


Sometimes they are disguised as pet walkers with dogs, neighborhood joggers, maintenance people servicing your neighbors, and delivery men and you wouldn’t know the difference!

There are two other people who COULD BE watching your home

Now if you are away from home because of work…you already know ‘you’ watching your own home isn’t going to entail much. You will be too busy to keep a constant eye on your home.

However, a good security company will have a great monitoring company to back them up to monitor their clients’ homes and businesses!

How Should You Secure Your Home While You Are At Work?

We recommend you implement ALL THREE of the following suggestions!


Because it makes sense to implement all three for extra security.

Myrtle Beach Security System, Myrtle Beach Alarm System

1. Activate Your Security Alarm System

Can we say this again?

Activate your security alarm system!

No matter if your aunt, mother, babysitter, pet sitter or neighbor plans to stop by…
Active your system anytime your leave your home and teach others how your operate the security system!

Because, guess what?

Your security system only works if it’s activated!

It’s not hard to ‘train’ others on how to operate your system; take the time to do so to protect your home while you are at work.

2. Vary Your Daily Routine aka Don’t Be Predicable

If you have a lovely daily routine, good for you!

Bad for your security.

Burglars often will ‘case’ a house and take note of who comes and goes, and especially when people come and go.

Therefore, live it up a little!

Change your routine periodically.

Here are some ideas

  • leave home early some days and eat breakfast on the road
  • come home at lunch time to feed your fish
  • if you exercise or run in the morning before work; change up the days of the week
  • work through lunch and leave work early some days

It’s not too hard to break a routine i you just try… live a little!

3. Build a Relationship With Your Neighbors

Neighbors are awesome, don’t you agree?

Wait, what? You aren’t very close with your neighbors?

If you own a home and plan to stay for a while, may we suggest you go over with a casserole, a plant or a bottle of wine and introduce yourself?

This makes sense not just for security reasons, but family safety as well!

Once you have build a relationship with your neighbors, it’s easy to help ‘watch’ out for each other’s home.

See something out of the ordinary? Call your neighbors, share and compare notes! They hopefully will do the same for you!


Many a break-in has been folded because of nosy neighbors!


Your Security. Our Business!

Let us know if we can help you in any way!

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